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The 20 best Elementor Themes [2024] πŸ’₯

Best Elementor themes [2024]

If you're on the hunt for top-notch Elementor themes, you're in the right place. Below, you'll discover a curated list of the finest themes available for Elementor. The best part? Almost all of these themes offer a free version that you can easily download from WordPress.org. The first 12 themes on the list have been handpicked by Elementor itself, and I've added an additional 8 exceptional themes to consider. While these themes are optimized for Elementor, many of them are versatile and work seamlessly with other popular page builders like Thrive Architect and Divi Builder.


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Each of the themes listed below is accompanied by two buttons located at the bottom of the short descriptions. One button will take you to my in-depth review of the theme, while the other will directly link to the theme's official website.

All themes have 2 buttons at the bottom of the short descriptions on this page. One leads you to my extensive review of the theme and the other directly to the site of the theme itself.

Best Elementor Themes picked by Elementor

1. Astra PRO

Astra - best Elementor themes [2024]

Astra Pro claims the top spot as it's specifically engineered for optimal Elementor compatibility, emphasizing lightning-fast load times. Astra, a prominent theme installed on over a million sites, consistently tops various rankings. Its exceptional user ratings, with a majority awarding five stars and few low scores, are highlighted in my Astra review.

Astra's extensive selection of Elementor-based demo designs enables swift project initiation. It's also highly ranked on my list of the best webshop themes, thanks to its excellent features for Woocommerce and unparalleled flexibility. While Astra harmonizes with all major page builders, the Astra Pro and Elementor Pro combination creates an efficient, enjoyable website creation experience.

2. Generatepress Premium

Generatepress - best Elementor themes [2024]

Generatepress Premium, a close rival to Astra Pro, stands out among the fastest loading WordPress themes. Its speed is on par with Astra Pro. The free version of Generatepress Premium, available on WordPress.org, has gained immense popularity due to its high rating. Designed for speed and Elementor integration, it offers features that many Elementor-specific themes lack.

Quick to install, Generatepress Premium provides stunning demo layouts suitable for various niches and webshops, packed with essential professional features for Woocommerce. It allows extensive customization of shop pages and includes numerous plugins as standard, notably the Schema-Mark-Up plugin, enhancing visibility on Google.

3. OceanWP

OceanWP - best Elementor themes

OceanWP, another theme excelling in Elementor compatibility, ranks as a top choice for webshop construction. Focused on speed, webshops, and Elementor integration, OceanWP's Pro version, distinct from its free version on WordPress.org, has been widely adopted. With its nearly flawless rating, it's evident why it's a leading choice.

OceanWP's dedication to webshop creation is evident through its eye-catching shop layouts and unique features. It includes exclusive plugins for pop-ups and portfolios, offering great value. Given its competitive pricing, OceanWP earns high commendation for its capabilities.

4. Sydney

Best Elementor themes Sydney

The Sydney theme, while featuring its own Building Blocks, also supports Beaverbuilder and Elementor PRO, leaders in this arena. Elementor users will find Sydney particularly beneficial, especially the more economical pro version. Known for its swift loading and one-click installation, Sydney is user-friendly.

As a WordPress theme, Sydney boasts over 200,000 active installations, a testament to its effectiveness as a business theme. It offers numerous features, including Frontpage blocks for enhanced SEO. However, it lacks Schema Markup. Fully responsive across devices, it supports Parallax backgrounds, Crelly Slider (Pro), and striking Full Screen backgrounds. More about Sydney can be explored on their website.

5. Phlox

Phlox Best Elementor themes

Phlox, a versatile WordPress theme since 2013, caters to a wide range of websites, including eCommerce, small businesses, portfolios, and travel sites. Available in both free and paid versions, Phlox excels with its array of easily installable demo layouts. Compatible with Elementor, Phlox extends its versatility. For more insights and features, visit the provided links.

6. Ashe

Best Elementor themes Ashe

Ashe, primarily a blogging theme, also excels for e-commerce blogs, seamlessly integrating with the Woocommerce plugin. It stands out with a unique style and has quickly gained popularity, boasting 60k active installations despite being relatively new.

Ashe is fast-loading and supports many popular plugins, including translation and RTL (right-to-left language) readiness. Its SEO-friendly coding, coupled with features like Text & Image logo support, Fullscreen Slider, Header image, Instagram slider widget, and compatibility with major drag-and-drop page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, WP-Bakery, SiteOrigin, and Divi, makes it a versatile choice.

7. Jupiter

Best Elementor themes Jupiter

With the rising popularity of WordPress, even established companies are leveraging its advantages. The Jupiter theme by Artbees is a testament to this, being one of ThemeForest's bestsellers with over 168,000 sales. Its high satisfaction rate is reflected in its 4.72-star rating from over 5600 reviews. For those seeking the fastest loading WordPress theme among the elite, the Jupiter theme is an optimal choice, offering comprehensive features with exceptional speed.

8. Neve

Neve - best Elementor themes

The Neve theme is designed to function flawlessly with Elementor Pro. Available in a free version on WordPress.org, Neve has garnered excellent ratings, as seen in my Neve Review. It’s popularly used on hundreds of thousands of websites, with a development focus on compatibility with Elementor and fast loading times.

Neve provides an extensive array of demo layouts, including 122 specifically for Elementor. The theme includes an Elementor-Booster along with other features like Header-Booster and Blog-Booster, enhancing the Elementor experience. Speed is a key feature, thanks to the replacement of standard jQuery Javascript with Vanilla Javascript, resulting in a 25% speed boost. A unique rollback function allows users to revert to a previous version with one click in case of update issues.

9. Hestia

best Elementor themes - Hestia [2024]

Hestia, also developed by ThemeIsle, shares similarities with Neve, particularly in fast loading times and Elementor compatibility. Hestia focuses more on webshops, offering exceptional shop layouts and e-commerce features. This focus is reflected in its high rating and widespread use. Despite being pricier than Neve, which I personally rank higher, Hestia is still a top contender, especially for those creating webshops. For other website types, I recommend considering the higher-ranked themes on this page.

10. Airi

best Elementor themes - Airi [2024]

Airi, a standout theme from aThemes, is designed for 100% compatibility with Elementor, earning its place among the top Elementor Themes. Its versatility allows for creating blogs, webshops, corporate, or private websites. Airi features an array of elegant demo layouts for a quick start to projects.

While Elementor Pro can operate independently, Airi enhances it with its efficient coding and perfect responsiveness. For those using the free version of Elementor, considering higher-rated themes in this 2024 list of best Elementor themes is advisable.

11. Zakra

best Elementor themes - Zakra [2024]

Zakra, seamlessly compatible with Elementor and Gutenberg, is a 'light' theme known for its responsiveness and exceptionally fast loading times, often under one second. Despite this speed, it doesn't compromise on features, offering numerous widget areas, header styles, and solid SEO. Zakra also includes a one-click demo importer with various attractive layouts.

Zakra justifiably earns its spot in this list as one of the best Elementor themes. Like the Neve Theme, Zakra uses Vanilla Javascript for enhanced speed. It's also a cost-effective option, allowing use on multiple sites without additional fees.

12. Hello Elementor

best Elementor themes - Hello

The Hello Elementor theme, despite being developed by the Elementor team, is ranked lower on this list due to its lack of inherent settings or designs. It serves primarily as a foundation for the Elementor page builder, which already encompasses most features offered by other themes. Astra's top ranking is attributed to its compatibility with Hello-Elementor, along with additional widgets, designs, and settings enhancing Elementor's capabilities.

Hello Elementor doesn't have a Pro version, and it incurs no costs except for Elementor Pro. Using Elementor Free with Hello Elementor is quite limiting, and I don't recommend it. If looking for a cost-free option, pairing Elementor Free with Astra Free is a better choice. However, Hello's simplicity has led to its rapid adoption, with installations on 4 million websites.

Best Elementor Themes picked by me [2024]

13. Soledad

Soledad best Elementor themes

Soledad's collection of over 6886+ demos arguably offers the best selection of ready-to-use templates and layouts, catering to almost any website type. These demos can be employed as-is or as a foundation for custom designs.

Soledad provides numerous customization options and settings, including over 200 blog layout and slider combinations. Integration with both the pro and free versions of Elementor simplifies website modification. Additionally, its support for the popular WooCommerce Store Builder plugin makes it an excellent choice for creating online shops.

14. Woodmart

Woodmart best Elementor themes [2024]

Woodmart excels as a Woocommerce-focused theme, ideal for building e-commerce sites, although it can also cater to corporate or blog sites. It provides comprehensive options to enhance the appearance and efficiency of webshops. Originally bundled with the Bakery Pagebuilder, Woodmart has expanded its versatility by integrating with Elementor since version 5.0.

This integration is a major enhancement, considering Elementor's popularity, particularly its free version. Woodmart boasts 60 distinct shopping layouts, easily installable with a single click. These ready-to-use designs cater to various niches and have contributed to its impressive 4.95 out of 5 rating on Themeforest.net, a feat rarely matched by other themes.

15. Essentials

the best Elementor themes Essentials

The Essentials theme, introduced in 2020, might be a fresh pick for those seeking a new theme. It supports the Gutenberg editor and offers an array of demos compatible with both WP-Bakery and Elementor. While they claim the largest collection of templates, this refers more to design sections and elements rather than complete site demos. The theme includes several striking features, reminiscent of those found in the Divi theme, adding to its appeal.

16. Hub

the best Elementor themes Hub

Hub stands out as a comprehensive web builder, boasting intuitive editing, high performance, and an award-winning design collection. Remarkably, it offers over 700 sections, 80+ pre-built websites, and 100+ inner pages, a substantial offering for a relatively new theme. Despite its recent emergence, Hub has already been recognized as the Wordpress theme of the year by Envato, where it is available for purchase.

Compatible with both Gutenberg and Elementor page builders, Hub excels in its category. While Gutenberg might not be my preferred choice due to its limited capabilities, Hub compensates with its array of features and high-quality elements. This theme has quickly gained traction since its mid-2021 release, becoming increasingly popular.

17. The7

The7 Best Elementor themes

The7 has adapted to the trend of fast-loading themes, now promoting itself with the tagline: "lightning-fast as a topic." While The7 offers excellent features, it doesn't match the speed-focused themes I recommend here. Long-standing themes without code optimization tend to lag in performance. However, The7 remains a top choice on Themeforest, known for its affordability and full Elementor compatibility.

With around 50 demo layouts, The7 offers more than just pages - these are complete, fully functional demo websites. This extensive array allows users to easily tailor their sites, even without technical expertise. Over 1000 customizable settings and a focus on professional-looking webshops make The7 an attractive option. Notably, it includes plugins like Revolution Slider, the premier Wordpress slider, adding significant value to the theme.

18. X-Store Theme

Best Elementor themes xstore

The X-Store Theme epitomizes multifunctionality as a premium WooCommerce WordPress theme. Renowned for its flexibility and customizability, it allows you to craft an e-commerce store tailored to your vision. The X-Store WooCommerce WordPress theme promises to make your online store distinct and memorable.

Boasting 100% responsiveness across all devices, the X-Store Theme is equipped with numerous impressive features, facilitating the launch of an online shop. With over 300 sections available, it enables the creation of captivating websites and stores. The theme is particularly optimized for use with the Elementor page builder, ensuring a seamless building experience.

19. Porto

Porto Best elementor themes [2024]

Another top contender among Elementor themes is the Porto Theme, versatile enough for business and e-commerce sites. Porto is packed with powerful features and elements for extensive customization. The recent addition of Porto Studio brings over 30 demos to the table. Its clean code is a critical asset for businesses, contributing to enhanced loading speeds. Additionally, Porto's highly acclaimed HTML version stands out, making it my preferred HTML5 theme.

20. Qwery

Qwery Best elementor themes [2024]

The Qwery theme is a notable contender in the realm of WordPress themes, boasting a trendy and modern design. Launched in 2021, it's a relatively new addition to the market, yet it comes packed with all the necessary features and tools for a swift website launch. Qwery is compatible with all major page builders and shares the advantages offered by the WordPress Customizer.

Despite its recent introduction, Qwery has quickly ascended towards the top of various rankings, situating itself in the sub-top category. Its potential for continued success seems promising, especially given its collection of over 100+ pre-built demo websites, an impressive feat for its age.


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