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The best free Wordpress Page builder [2021] 💥

Beste free Wordpress Pagebuilder

If you are looking for the best free WordPress page builders on the market, read this article and the individual articles for each page builder available via the buttons below. Then you are ready to decide which page builder is the best for you. In the reviews, not only the free versions are discussed, but also the pro versions if the page builder in question has one.

The 5 best free Wordpress page builders

1. Elementor

Elementor best free Wordpress pagebuilder

Elementor has now been installed on almost 5 million websites. Elementor has a great pro version but I also have the free version at the top of the list as you can see. Elementor can be used in combination with their own Hello Elementor theme, or any other minimalist theme and preferably 1 that is specially prepared for collaboration with Elementor such as for example Astra. Astra has a pro and also a free version. Elementor is a joy to work with and there are a lot of "third party" plug-ins and special themes available for it. Divi, Elementor's biggest competitor has no free version and so we have Elementor on 1 as best free Wordpress page builder.

2. Beaverbuilder

Beaverbuilder best free Wordpress pagebuilder

Beaverbuilder has just released a major upgrade and has become a lot more modern. The page builder excels in simplicity and is therefore very popular with absolute beginners. Despite its simplicity, practically anything is possible with Beaverbuilder. Something that few page builders have, but Beaverbuilder does, is a White-Label, or they allow you to replace the Beaverbuilder logos with your own logos. Furthermore, with Beaverbuilder you can make small adjustments to the styling for every device (desktop, tablet, mobile) so that everything looks tip-top for you. By the way, Beaverbuilder works perfectly with the popular theme Astra Pro, as Astra contains a large number of demos made with Beaverbuilder.

3. Brizy

Brizy best free Wordpress pagebuilder

De Brizy page builder has made a rapid advance since April 2020. The theme already has features like pop-ups at this early stage and offers more than 400+ demo designs from which you can start your project. Due to his young age, this is the only page builder to have written his code with React. React is a brand new javascript library from Facebook. This is probably the future and I don't think other page builders will provide their product with React, that takes too much work. Brizy is really a very good page builder now, their team has thought of practically everything, although I would like to see more elements but they will certainly come with upgrades.

4. WP-Bakery Pagebuilder

WP-Bakery Pagebuilder best free Wordpress pagebuilder

WP-Bakery Pagebuilder is an old hand in the business and has been around for at least 10 years. For this reason, many people are familiar with it and the page builder is error-free and works well. I must say that he still offers very little innovation and other more modern page builders come alongside. Like Elementor, many "third parties" have launched plug-ins to extend this page builder with anything and everything. Many premium themes have a deal with WP-Bakery and have the page builder included as standard. The separate page builder costs practically more than a theme and requires a separate license for each site you have, which unfortunately makes the page builder very expensive. WP-Bakery Pagebuilder is quite suitable for beginners.

5. Gutenberg

Gutenberg best free Wordpress pagebuilder

Gutenberg is the default Wordpress editor. This page builder is actually still under development and for that reason does not work too well. This is clearly shown by the super-poor rating that the page builder gets on Wordpress.org, where the plug-in can also be downloaded for free. It is absolutely not recommended to build your website with Gutenberg. Apart from that, most people don't understand Gutenberg well either, everything is confusing. There are plugins that remove Gutenberg and put back the familiar WP editor we had before Gutenberg. Read my tutorial about this via the button below. I should definitely recommend using one of the first 3 page builders in this list or using a premium Wordpress pagebuilder.

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