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Yahoo Mail Account Deletion: Step-by-Step Guide [2024] 💥

Yahoo Mail Account Deletion: Step-by-Step Guide

If you have decided to close your Yahoo Mail account for any reason, it's essential to follow the correct steps to ensure the process is completed successfully. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to delete your Yahoo Mail account. Let's get started.


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1. Backup Your Data

Before deleting your Yahoo Mail account, it's crucial to back up any important emails, contacts, or files you want to keep. You can do this by exporting your data to another email service or downloading it to your computer.

2. Visit the Yahoo Account Termination Page

Go to the Yahoo Account Termination page by typing "delete Yahoo account" into your search engine. Click on the official Yahoo help page that appears in the search results.

3. Sign In and Verify Your Account

Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account using your username and password. Follow the prompts to verify your account and prove that you are the owner.

4. Read and Understand the Consequences

Yahoo will provide you with information about the consequences of deleting your account, such as losing access to all Yahoo services, including Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Fantasy Sports. Make sure you understand these implications before proceeding.

5. Confirm the Deletion

Once you have read and understood the consequences, click on the "Continue Deleting My Account" button to confirm the deletion process.

6. Enter Your Password

Enter your Yahoo Mail account password to confirm your decision. This step is to ensure that only the account owner can initiate the deletion process.

7. Follow the Prompts

Follow any additional prompts that may appear to complete the account deletion process. Yahoo may ask you to enter a CAPTCHA code or answer security questions for verification.

8. Account Deletion Confirmation

Once you have completed the necessary steps, you will see a confirmation message that your Yahoo Mail account has been scheduled for deletion. The actual deletion may take up to 90 days, during which time you can still recover your account if you change your mind.

9. Remove Yahoo Services

After deleting your Yahoo Mail account, remember to remove any associated Yahoo services or accounts linked to your email, such as Flickr or Yahoo Groups.


Deleting your Yahoo Mail account is a significant decision, and it's crucial to follow the steps correctly to ensure a successful deletion. By backing up your data, verifying your account, and confirming the deletion, you can effectively close your Yahoo Mail account. Remember to consider the consequences and take any necessary actions to remove associated services. Not receiving mails in Yahoo Mail? Read this article.


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