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Snapchat's Text Tools: A Deep Dive into Features [2023] 💥

Snapchat's Text Tools: A Deep Dive into Features

Understanding Snapchat's text tools is essential for every avid Snapchatter. These tools not only enhance storytelling but also offer unique ways to communicate. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned user, this guide will provide insights into making the most out of Snapchat's text features.


Getting Started with Snapchat Text Tools

Snapchat support offers a comprehensive guide on how to navigate the platform, but here's a step-by-step process to kickstart your journey with text tools:

1. Opening Snapchat Text Box: Once you've taken a Snap, tap on the screen to bring up the text box. This will open a default box where you can type your desired message.

2. Adjusting Font Size: Use the slider on the right side to adjust your text size. Slide upwards to increase and downwards to reduce the size.

3. Changing Text Style: Tapping the 'T' icon at the top will cycle through various text styles. This includes the default, bold, italicized, and other unique Snapchat fonts.

Advanced Formatting and Features

Once you've mastered the basics, it's time to dive deeper into the plethora of advanced features and formatting options Snapchat provides:

1. Pinch-to-Zoom: By using two fingers, you can zoom in or out of the text, allowing you to resize it according to your preference.

2. Rotating Text: Using two fingers, rotate the text to the desired angle. This feature is especially handy for placing text in unconventional parts of the Snap.

3. Text Shadows: By tapping the 'T' icon multiple times, you can add a shadow effect behind your text, making it stand out against contrasting backgrounds.

4. Highlighting Text: After typing your message, tap the 'A' icon with stars on both sides. This will highlight your text, adding an extra layer of emphasis.

Text Colors and Gradient

Snapchat Analytics show that snaps with engaging and vibrant text colors tend to be more captivating. Here's how you can play with colors:

1. Selecting Text Color: Once you've typed your message, tap the color slider on the right. You can then swipe across to choose from a rainbow of colors for your text.

2. Using Gradient: After selecting a color, drag a second finger across the color slider. This will create a gradient effect, blending the first color you chose with the second one.

3. Multiple Colors in One Text: Want to color each word differently? Highlight the specific word or letter and then choose the color from the slider. Repeat for each segment of your text.

Adding Captions to Video Snaps

For those who love sharing video snaps, adding captions can be a game-changer. Not only does it provide context, but it also ensures that your message is delivered even if the viewer has their sound off.

Snapchat Lens Studio provides a plethora of lens options, but captions can still play a pivotal role. After recording a video snap, follow the same steps as mentioned above to add and format text. The text will then remain static on your video as it plays, ensuring viewers always see your message.

Utilizing Text for Better Engagement

Effective use of Snapchat's text tools can significantly enhance engagement. For those interested in diving deeper into strategies to boost their Snapchat presence, our guide on boosting story views is a must-read. Additionally, understanding the distinction between Snapchat's various visual tools can also amplify your storytelling; take a look at our comprehensive filters vs. lenses effects guide.


Mastering Snapchat's text tools can transform your Snaps from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it's adding a touch of color, rotating text for a quirky angle, or pinning captions on videos, each feature adds a unique layer to your storytelling. As with any tool, practice makes perfect. So, dive in, experiment, and watch your Snaps come alive!

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