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Improve Your Snap Score: Tips and Strategies 💥

Improve Your Snap Score: Tips and Strategies

If you're an avid Snapchat user, enhancing your Snap Score might be a goal you've set. A higher Snap Score reflects a more engaged and active user, and this article will provide you with detailed strategies to achieve just that.


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Understanding the Snap Score

Snapchat support defines the Snap Score as a number that represents the total activity a user has had on Snapchat. It's a combination of the snaps you've sent, received, stories you've posted, and other factors. Unlike other social media platforms where the number of followers or likes is a direct metric, Snapchat uses the Snap Score to quantify user engagement.

Why Boost Your Snap Score?

Before diving into the strategies, it's essential to grasp why you might want to boost your Snap Score. Firstly, a higher score can be a status symbol for Snapchat enthusiasts, reflecting how active and engaged you are on the platform. Additionally, if you're an influencer or content creator, a higher Snap Score can attract collaborations and partnerships, as it can be a testament to your dedication to the platform.

Strategies to Improve Your Snap Score

1. Regular Activity

The most straightforward method is to remain active. Engage by sending and receiving snaps daily. The more you use the app for its primary purpose – snapping – the faster your score will rise. Remember, opening a snap gives you a point, and sending one provides another. Hence, consistently engaging with friends will naturally boost your score.

2. Post Stories Consistently

Boosting your story views is another sure-fire way to elevate your Snap Score. Creating engaging stories that appeal to your audience ensures more views and interactions, further contributing to a higher score. The formula here is simple: more stories = more views = higher Snap Score.

3. Engage With Snap Games and Discover Content

Exploring other features on Snapchat can also boost your score. Delve into Snap Games or interact with Discover content. Though the exact points for these activities are not disclosed by Snapchat, users have reported that engaging with these features does contribute to their scores.

4. Use Snapchat's Creative Features

One of the distinctive attributes of Snapchat is its plethora of creative tools. From filters to lenses, using these tools not only makes your snaps more engaging but can also increase your score. If you need a refresher on the difference between filters and lenses, check out our detailed guide on Snapchat filters vs. lenses effects.

5. Create Custom Lenses

Snapchat's Lens Studio allows users to design and launch their own AR experiences. While creating a lens might seem daunting, the platform offers numerous tutorials to guide you. Crafting a popular lens can significantly boost your engagement, thereby improving your Snap Score.

6. Track Your Analytics

Understanding your Snapchat analytics is pivotal to strategize effectively. Snapchat Analytics provides insights into your audience's behavior, the best posting times, and content preferences. By fine-tuning your strategy based on these insights, you can ensure a consistent and upward trajectory for your Snap Score.

What Not to Do

While seeking ways to boost your Snap Score, you might encounter services promising dramatic increases overnight. Avoid these shortcuts. Snapchat can detect artificial inflation, leading to potential account suspension or bans.


Improving your Snap Score is a testament to your commitment and activity on Snapchat. While the number itself is a fun metric, the real value lies in the engagement and connections you build along the way. By staying active, posting regularly, and utilizing the platform's various features, you'll naturally see your Snap Score rise. Happy Snapping!


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