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Snapchat for Events: Promote with Geofilters & More [2023] 💥

Snapchat for Events: Promote with Geofilters & More

Hosting an event? Harness the power of Snapchat to promote it. With features like Geofilters, Snapchat can enhance your event's reach and engagement. This article delves into ways to use Snapchat to its fullest for event promotions.


Why Use Snapchat for Event Promotion?

Snapchat support reveals that with millions of active users daily, Snapchat offers a vast platform for event marketers. Young adults and teens predominantly use the app, providing a unique audience that's engaged and interactive. With its ephemeral content, Snapchat creates a sense of urgency that can motivate users to attend your event.

Utilizing Geofilters for Your Event

Geofilters are one of Snapchat's prime features for event marketing. They are location-specific overlays for snaps that users can apply when they're in a particular area. Here's how to make the most of them:

1. Designing Your Geofilter

Start with a captivating design. Ensure your Geofilter resonates with your event theme and is visually appealing. You can use Snapchat's templates or design one from scratch. Remember, a well-designed Geofilter can encourage more attendees to use it, expanding your event's visibility.

2. Setting the Geographical Area

Choose the location for your Geofilter wisely. If your event is at a specific venue, set the Geofilter's boundaries to cover that area. But consider expanding it a bit to capture people nearby who might be interested in joining.

3. Duration of Your Geofilter

Decide on how long your Geofilter should be active. For most events, having it live a few hours before the event and lasting until it ends works best. This window allows early birds and latecomers to engage with your Geofilter.

4. Track and Analyze

Post-event, it's essential to measure the effectiveness of your Geofilter. Head over to Snapchat Analytics to get insights on how many people used your filter, viewed it, and more. This data can help you improve for future events.

Leveraging Snapchat Lenses

Snapchat Lens Studio lets you create augmented reality (AR) experiences. These lenses can transform events into interactive experiences. Here's how:

1. Designing a Custom Lens

Create a lens that aligns with your event's theme. If it's a music concert, think of incorporating music notes or instruments. For corporate events, perhaps a branded lens that features your company's logo.

2. Promote Your Lens Before the Event

Build excitement by releasing your custom lens a few days before your event. Encourage users to try it out and share it. This move can generate pre-event buzz.

3. Encourage On-site Use

During the event, motivate attendees to use the lens and share their snaps. Consider having a dedicated Snapchat booth or reminders on big screens about your lens.

Engage with Stories

Stories allow users to string together snaps into a narrative. For events, this feature can be invaluable. Create a story timeline of the build-up to your event, the main highlights, and wrap-up. Encourage attendees to add to your event's public story, giving a diverse perspective of the proceedings. If you'd like a deeper dive into increasing your story's reach, check out this article.

Deciphering Snapchat Filters vs. Lenses

For newcomers, Snapchat's terms might be confusing. Geofilters, as we've discussed, are location-based overlays. Lenses, on the other hand, are dynamic effects that users can add to their snaps. They can transform faces, surroundings, and even incorporate 3D effects. To understand the intricacies of Filters vs. Lenses, refer to this guide.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat, with its unique features like Geofilters and Lenses, provides event marketers with tools to enhance visibility and engagement. By leveraging these features wisely and analyzing results, you can create a memorable event experience and ensure its success. As with any platform, the key lies in understanding its strengths and applying them effectively.

Ready to dive deeper into Snapchat's potential? Explore its support and analytics sections, and start crafting your next big event promotion!

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