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Shutterstock fraud and cheap tricks | Watch out with this criminal company 💥

Shutterstock fraud scam

Cheap tricks at Shutterstock.

Shutterstock has thought it all beautifully. "How do we catch those dorks who only need a few photos in an annual contract that they can't get out of and with a little luck they let the cancellation period expire after a year and they are still attached to Shutterstock for another year." This is for me close to fraud or scams, I will explain this further later.

Shutterstock buy plan scam

The following methods are hereby maintained. You are immediately presented with the prices per month that are part of an annual contract. To see the normal prices per month you have to click on the small print at the bottom with "view price per month". The big red button, however, is so prevalent that it is certainly when one thinks to buy a few photos quickly that it clicks quickly and does not investigate whether there may have been traps. One does not assume that one should be wary.


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Note: Do not buy a Shutterstock annual contract!

Check everything carefully before you start buying photos at this company. You only come up with the so-called annual contract if you are going to pay for the differences, or rather they simply take them from your credit card if you want to cancel the annual contract.

Credit card data cannot be deleted

Shutterstock delete creditcard impossible

Because you cannot delete the data from your credit card yourself and they refuse to extract it. After all, they are not finished with you yet and want to collect for a whole year for the few photos you needed today. If you try to remove your card, you will be asked to contact support. Removing the card itself is not possible, I wonder if that does not go against people's privacy. If you explain in that e-mail that you have missed the fact that it was an annual subscription and want to see it stopped, you can expect the stupid e-mail below from them.

Shutterstock plan fraud mailing

Paypal cannot be used at Shutterstock

Guess three times why you can't pay with Paypal at Shutterstock? I'll explain it to you. You can remove a Paypal subscription at any time and then their party with debit is ready. Paypal is a mediator to protect you against unfair behavior of sellers in the internet. Paypal is for the buyer, it is logical that a company with preconceived tricks and the type of politics I explained above does not want to use brokers like Paypal that will prevent fraud and nasty tricks.

An estimated 80% want to cancel

Shutterstock cancel plan standard option in their form

Since many people were set in just like me, many also want to cancel when they find out they are stuck with an annual subscription. It seems to be the ECI, a book club from the past that dealt with fraud like that. So many people would like to cancel that there is a standard option in their contact form that can be selected.

Not only people who have been set up want to cancel but of course also those who realize that they do not need photos every month and are practically paying for nothing.

Shutterstock Google reviews

Shutterstock Google reviews

In their Google review, Shutterstock Amsterdam scores 2.4 out of 5, a heavy inadequate. The company would have such a good name but the 1-star reviews are much more than 5. The score for Shutterstock New York is 2.5, I believe.

How do you get rid of these scammers?

Go to the bank and request another card. The old one is automatically canceled and they can no longer write off anything from you. I don't have to wait at my bank and immediately get a very small trouble. With other banks it can take a bit more effort, but you won't let Shutterstock poke you off. Fraud, scams and cheap tricks should not be followed.

How do I help my fellow man?

Go to Google Maps, search for Shutterstock Amsterdam and Shutterstock New York. Give them a 1-star rating to get their grades even lower and write a short piece with your story. Write your own article about them with your own story and preferably place it on your own website. Use words such as fraud and scams or variants thereof so that when people search for them in Google your article will be found.

Use our social media buttons on the side (bottom on mobile) and post our article on your Twitter / Facebook etcetera. Also link to this article from your website so that it gets more power and comes at the top in the search engines when searching on Shutterstock. More people are warned in this way.

Is everything not a bit excessive in this article?

Certainly not. There are many people who share the same opinion, even for years. This does not seem to be new. Check the images below with posts from other people who felt harmed or scammed. We only post a few, but you can click on it and then go to a review website where you can read them all.

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