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My Whatsapp is not backing up Android [2024] 💥

My Whatsapp is not backing up on Android

Here are seven tips for Android users encountering the "WhatsApp is not backing up" issue on Android. If you're an iPhone user, this guide isn't for you; please check out this article instead. Now, let's dive in. Always ensure you have a reliable internet connection for both your phone and PC.


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1. Excluding Videos

WhatsApp allows us to choose whether to include videos in our backup. An excess of videos can consume too much space, potentially causing the WhatsApp backup to stall. You can address this by navigating to WhatsApp "Settings" >> "Chats" >> "Chat Backup" and there, disable the include video option.

2. Linked Google Account in WhatsApp

Ensure that your WhatsApp is linked to an active Google account. Go to "Settings" >> "Chats" >> "Chat Backup" and tap on the "Account" section. From this page, you can either create a new account or switch to a different one.

3. Exiting the Beta Program

Android users have the opportunity to participate in the WhatsApp beta program to test the latest updates before their public release. However, using the beta version might result in issues such as a stuck WhatsApp chat backup. To resolve issues with WhatsApp chats, you can visit this page and opt out of the beta program.

4. Closing WhatsApp Background Process

It's possible that the app has become unresponsive, causing the WhatsApp chat backup to appear stuck. To rectify this, tap on the app switcher icon and swipe to close WhatsApp. Relaunch WhatsApp and attempt to create a backup again.

5. Clear Cache

When was the last time you cleared your WhatsApp cache? Accumulated caches can lead to app issues and result in a stuck WhatsApp backup on Android. Resolve this by going to "Settings" >> "Apps/Application Manager" >> "WhatsApp". Navigate to Storage and tap the "Clear Cache" button to clear its cache data.

6. Deleting Backups on Google Drive

Multiple WhatsApp backups on your Google Drive could prevent WhatsApp from backing up. Access Google Drive, click the gear icon at the top to open its settings. In the "Manage Apps" section, select WhatsApp's options and then delete the app data.

7. Google Play Services

While you might not interact directly with Google Play Services, they can influence the functioning of nearly all apps on your smartphone. Outdated Play Services could be a reason for a stuck WhatsApp backup on Android. Address this by updating Play Services via the Google Play Store.


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