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My Whatsapp is not backing up Android [2023] 💥

My Whatsapp is not backing up on Android

These are seven suggestions for iOS users who have the Whatsapp is not backing up problem on Android. If you have an Android phone you are wrong here and should read this article instead. Okay, let's get started. Always make sure you have a decent internet connection for your phone and PC.



1. Excluding videos

Whatsapp allows us to choose whether or not to include videos in our backup. Too many videos can occupy too much space, which could cause Whatsapp backup to become stuck. You can fix this by going to Whatsapp "Settings" >> "Chats" >> "Chat Backup" to disable there the include video feature.

2. Linked Google account in Whatsapp

First, make sure that your Whatsapp is linked to an active Google account. Go to "Settings" >> "Chats" >> "Chat-Backup" and click on the "Account" section. You can either create an account, or switch to another one from this page.

3. Stop the Beta Program

Android users have the chance to sign up for the Whatsapp beta program in order to try out the latest updates before they are released to the public. However, you may experience issues such as Whatsapp chat backup getting stuck if you're using the beta version. To fix problems with Whatsapp chats, you can go to this page and opt out.

4. Close Whatsapp background process

There is a chance that the app may have become stuck, making Whatsapp chat backup appear to be stuck instead. Tap on the app switcher icon to fix it. Swipe the icon to stop Whatsapp running. Relaunch Whatsapp and then try to make a backup.

5. Clear cache

How long ago was it since you last cleared your Whatsapp cache? If the caches accumulate, it can cause problems with the app and result in Whatsapp backup being stuck to Android. You can fix this by going to "Settings" >> "Apps/Application manager" and selecting Whatsapp. To clear its cache data, go to Storage and tap the "Clear Cache” button.

6. Delete backups on Google Drive

It is possible Whatsapp is not backing up if you have taken multiple Whatsapp backups on your Google Drive. Go to Google Drive, click the gear icon at top to access its Settings. After the Google Drive settings have been launched, you can go to the "Manage Apps” section and select Whatsapp's Options. You can then delete the app data.

7. Google Play Services

Although you might not use Google Play Services directly, it can affect the functioning of nearly every app on your smartphone. The outdated Play Services could be one reason Whatsapp backup is stuck on Android. This can be fixed by going to the Google Play Store and looking for Play Services. Upgrade it.


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