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How to clear browser cache on Desktop [2024] 💥

How to clear the browser cache on Desktop/Laptop

Clearing your cache can solve browsing problems, clear up space and delete saved pages. Clearing cache will force your browser to fetch the latest copy from the website. Let's see how to clear cache for all mayor browsers on desktop and laptop.


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This is the fastest and easiest way to clear your cache your all browsers. We use the Windows shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+DEL or COMMAND+SHIFT+DELETE for Mac. People tend to forget shortcuts though, and in that case it is best to build in an add-on in your browser. The add-on has a "clear cache" button, which makes things to easy.

1. Clear cache in Firefox browser

Let's start with my favorite browser, Mozilla's Firefox. The CTRL+SHIFT+DEL shortcut mentioned before will open up a pop up for the "Clear Recent History" where you can choose what exactly you want to clear. Nicer though is to install an add-on as I mentioned before. To do is click in the upper right corner on the hamburger menu and click on "Add-ons and themes".

Use the searchbox, type "clear cache" and hit "Enter" on your keyboard. Pick one of the first 5 add-ons that are shown, they all work 100% well. Install the add-on and a little button will appear next to your URL-bar in you browser.

2. Clear cache in Google Chrome browser

The CTRL+SHIFT+DEL shortcut mentioned before will open up a pop up where you can choose what exactly you want to clear. Via the Chrome Web Store you can also find clear cache addons for the Chrome browser. Just go to this URL in your Chrome browser. Install the addon and a little button will appear next to your URL-bar.

You can also go into the settings menu to clear the cache that way. As there are addons that make little sense, as it is a lot of work and noone wants to do this every time he needs to clear his cache. If you are stubborn and really want to know how to do this, then google it.

3. Clear cache in Edge browser

Although Edge does have extensions (addons), as far as I know there is no clear cache addon for it. The best way is as always to use the CTRL+SHIFT+DEL shortcut on your keyboard. This will open up a the "Clear browsing data" menu where you can choose what to delete.

If you are not a shortcut type, then you have to clear your cache the hard way. Open up Microsoft Edge. Select the three-dotted button at the top. Select "Settings". Click "Privacy and services". Select "Choose what to clear". Select the items to be deleted and then click "Clear now".

4. Clear cache in Safari browser

The Option+Command+E keyboard shortcut can be used to clear caches in Safari on a Mac.

Although Safari does have extensions (addons), they cost money. Open Safari, and select "Safari" >> "Safari Extensions" in the menu bar. Open the Safari Extensions page in the App Store. Click Get to download or install the extension. Sign in with your Apple ID to access the extension.

Click "Install". Once the extension has been installed, click Open to open it. Follow the instructions on screen. To turn on the extension, return to Safari. Select "Safari" >> "Preferences" or "Settings". Click "Extensions". Click the checkbox next the extension's title.

Clearing cache in Safari without an addon is almost easier. You can do this via the "Develop" menu. Select Develop from the Safari menu bar, then select "Empty Caches".

5. Clear cache in Opera browser

Clear browsing data can be accessed quickly using the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+SHIFT+DEL for Windows and COMMAND+SHIFT+DELETE for Mac. Opera does have clear cache addons. Open your Opera browser and go to this URL to quickly find these addons.

The basic way is:
  • Click the "Settings" icon. It looks like a hamburger in the upper-right corner.
  • Scroll down to "Clear browsing data".
  • Opera automatically chooses items that you can delete. This includes Cached Images and Files. To delete the data, click "Clear Data".

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