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Graphic Design Trends for 2023 💥

Graphic Design Trends for 2023

As technology encourages exploration of the unknown, some designers lean towards excitement and curiosity. Others react with defiance to the constraints and anti-establishment sentiments. They use styles that range from rebellious innovation to escapist desires. One thing is certain, the 2023 graphic design trends will be a pivotal moment in graphic design's history.


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You can use the most popular trends to spark your creativity and help you develop your design skills. We can learn a lot about the world from current and future trends in fashion, television, advertising, and television. Designers must be aware and responsive to cultural changes in order create designs that are memorable.

Graphic designers who can keep up with the latest trends are more successful than those who do not. Clients will notice your work more easily if you can create innovative, trend-oriented designs. Let's get started.

1. Airbrush surrealism

Graphic Design Trends 2023 Airbrush surrealism

Graphic Design Trends Airbrush surrealism 2023

Surrealism has been a popular design method for its uniqueness and ingeniousness. Surrealism will be paired with 80s airbrush techniques in 2023. Soft retro filters will be used to overlay strange, chimeric imagery.

This creates a gauzy effect, which subdues surrealist disorientation and blankets the graphic in a uniform fog. It is as if we are recalling the image from a dream. Sometimes, blurring color creates a soft glow that makes the image seem inviting and transcendent. Airbrush surrealism promotes accessibility, as if to suggest that something strange has become commonplace.

2. Mixed dimensions

Graphic Design Trends 2023 Mixed dimensions

Graphic Design Trends Mixed dimension

The lines between them can become blurrier the more we spend time in online spaces than we do in physical ones. Graphic designers will break down that barrier completely in 2023 by incorporating digital illustrations into real-life photography. Although the idea of combining artificial and real sounds a bit dystopian, it is actually a trend that celebrates joy and whimsy.

Grinning cartoons and vibrant colors are highlighting the contrast between these disparate elements. It shows us the world as it is, a place of wonder and discovery. It is the creative power of art that provides escape from life's gloomy moments.

3. 90s psychedelia (Space)

Graphic Design Trends 2023 90s psychedelia 2023

Graphic Design Trends 90s psychedelia 2023

60s psychodelia last year made a comeback to graphic design by introducing escapism. It lured viewers into colorful, dense worlds. The trend will continue to grow in 2023 with the help of 90s space psychedelia. Although psychedelia draws its inspiration from nature (think multicolored clouds and melting mushrooms found in many of these compositions), space-psychedelia is all about marrying the past and the future.

It uses retro 90s techniques such as Memphis Design patterns and Saturday morning cartoon styles. The colors are reminiscent of Lisa Frank school supplies. It also incorporates futuristic themes like spaceships and androids, vaporwave environments, and cyberpunk neon. The 2023 designers are optimistic about the technological future thanks to their bright and imaginative illustrations.

4. Folk botanical

Graphic Design Trends 2023 Folk botanical

Graphic Design Trends Folk botanical 2023

Graphic design is replete with patterns. They are useful for framing content or creating backgrounds. Nature is an excellent subject matter for patterns. Combinations of fruits, leaves and vines can create vibrant compositions that look like a forest. Nature patterns will become less refined in 2023 due to incongruous colors, rough textures, and shaky doodles.

This trend transforms familiar themes from nature into whimsical, unexpected drawings. This trend also rejects the rigid geometrical rules that vector art tools often force. These patterns are vibrant because of the vibrancy they have. Digital artworks are made to feel organic in many ways.

5. Acid graphics

Graphic Design Trends 2023 Acid graphics

Graphic Design Trends Acid graphics

Acid graphics, also known as Y2K Grunge, is the next stage in the Y2K revival. This trend includes grimy textures, broken grids, chrome metallics, and amorphous forms. This is a rare form of nostalgia that prefers dark memories to fond memories. It was created out of the late-90s goth subculture.

Because it is moody, uses computer glitches and crowded text as well as messy layers, acid graphics can be grouped with other styles such brutalism and anti design. Acid graphics, like those other movements, show a darker side of the internet. They can be found on albums covers, websites and social media posts. This style asks the question of whether digital art will become more computer-centric than ever before.

6. Retro line art

Graphic Design Trends 2023 Retro line art

Graphic Design Trends Retro line art

Many designers will be using minimal line art in 2023 to create humorous and entertaining illustrations. This retro style evokes the nostalgia of using felt-tip markers to draw. This trend lends itself to a cartoonish style which makes it a good fit for lighter-hearted projects.

These drawings can be used with bright colors, but not overwhelm the viewer because they are so simple. Many designers combine these illustrations with retro bubble fonts to enhance the retro effect.

7. Revival of punk

Graphic Design Trends 2023 Revival of punk

Graphic Design Trends Revival of punk

Punk is an anti-regime with roots that go back to the Dada movement in the 1920s. It has not really disappeared since then. Punk was born in the margins of society and continues to exist. Its popularity is returning to the mainstream in 2023, with everyday citizens railing against failing systems. The exponential wealth gap has become more apparent with the onset of recession.

However, the recent death of the UK monarch has sparked renewed opposition to the monarchy as well as its colonial legacy. Punk is known for its DIY aesthetics. This includes cutouts, mismatched fonts, scribbled letters, and messy collages. Punk design rejects opulence, decorum and is a rejection of all things that are not necessary.

8. Reinvented Risograph

Graphic Design Trends 2023 Risoprints

Graphic Design Trends Risoprints

Risograph was a Japanese printing technique that was developed in the mid-80s by Riso Kagaku Corporation. This technique allowed bulk printing at a fraction of the cost by using dots and desaturated color. Images were often unintentionally stylized and grainy due to double exposures.

Risograph printing will be reimagined in 2023 for digital and abstract graphics. Its grainy textures bring depth and noise to simple shapes. Many designers have created surreal valleys of abstraction with vintage flair. Real characters are depicted using risograph colors and textures. This transforms the familiar into the unfamiliar by combining exaggerated caricatures with simplified features and simple lines. This trend blurs the lines between basic shapes, machine processes, and ultimately, human beings.

9. Mysticism

Graphic Design Trends 2023 Mysticism

Graphic Design Trends Mysticism

Mysticism is a type of iconography that refers to divination and astrology in a design context. Popular symbolism is heavily used in this trend, such as the all-seeing eye, sacred geometry, lotus flowers, and zodiac signs. These symbols are talismans that infuse the natural and celestial worlds with occult and deeper meanings, just as in times past.

These designs are aesthetically pleasing and have a gentle quality. These designs feel delicate and light because they are made with organic curves and thin lines. When colors are subdued with muted tones, they can be calming. The imagery of stars, moons, and meditative faces invoke a sense of calm and peace that provides a refuge from the world's worries and offers solace. This is why the trend has such mass appeal. You don't need to believe in tarot to enjoy the serenity of mystic designs.

10. Retro-futurism

Graphic Design Trends Retro-futurism

Graphic Design Trends Retro-futurism

This year will see the rise in Retro-Futurism. There have been many styles that are "vintage" or "retro" over the years. The latest trend is to modernize vintage visual elements to create a contemporary design style. Retro design is very popular in typography design. Designers use bold fonts to evoke retro posters but simplify the fonts to make them easier.

This bold typography, bold color scheme, and retro vibe make the 60s great. As we've already mentioned, this can be a powerful way to reach your audience. A notable trend we've noticed is that designers are reinterpreting pop culture topics with a vintage design aesthetic. This is a crossover between contemporary musicians. You can incorporate this trend into your designs by using a throwback piece furniture as inspiration. You can use this design style in funky shapes.

11. Glassmorphism

Graphic Design Trends Glassmorphism

Graphic Design Trends Glassmorphism

Anyone who has ever read articles on design trends for the year will be familiar with this type of design. Many are moving towards "Glassmorphism" in their UI design. One design style that is extremely popular in UI design is Glassmorphism. Background frames and buttons look almost like glass but you can still see some of the shape, light and color.

If used properly, these elements can look very sleek and modern. This allows the UI and background to blend together, giving the user a sense of depth and immersion. This design style was first popularized by the iOS7 design system. However, it has been rediscovered in recent years. Glassmorphism can be used to great effect in design. Glassmorphism can make UI designs more complicated if it is used too often. It can blur the lines and make everything seem transparent, out of context.

This design technique shouldn't be used too often. This design style produces more muted colors and muted hues in your design. Desaturated colors are not always a bad thing. You should however be aware of how muted color palettes can impact your visual experience. This trend is going to be extremely popular in the next few years.

12. Design black/white

Graphic Design Trends Design black/white

Graphic Design Trends Design black/white

Companies are still using a darker color palette just as last year. Apps can choose from a dark mode color scheme. Many apps now default to a darker color scheme. Apps can even be simplified to a black and white scheme. This is a great example how technology and current culture can influence design and change what's popular.

There are many reasons why you should choose a darker color scheme. The most important reason to choose a darker color scheme is because they are easier for the eyes. Our phones have been used more this year, and it is important to reduce the strain on the eyes from too much blue light. Dark backgrounds make text stand out more and don't strain the eyes. As we said last year, more apps and websites will use dark mode as their default setting.

Because of the same reason, nostalgia makes black and white designs more popular than retro ones. Many people associate nostalgia with black and white cartoons and movies. This is a great way to invoke nostalgia. Make sure that your branding is not colored and that you have no clients who are black or white before making the switch.

13. Design Monochrome/duochrome

Graphic Design Trends Design Monochrome/duochrome

Graphic Design Trends Design Monochrome/duochrome

We have covered the popularity of black-and-white design. Also called Achromatic design. Let's now discuss monochromatic design, which is one or two-color. These simple palettes are a huge hit this year, and provide viewers with a welcome break from the busy design trends (we're specifically looking at pop art).

This trend allows customers focus on the essential aspects of your product or message and not on flashy or loud designs. Harmony can be achieved by mixing monochromatic and dual-chromatic colors. You have more design options with duochromatic designs, as they include two colors. These designs can create the same emotions and interactions as a stress-free design. To make monochrome and duplicate designs stand out, you can use color grades, color transitions, and other design elements.

These color schemes combine light and dark colors to make shapes and communicate patterns to viewers. The use of shading makes these designs more effective. This trend is a refreshing departure from the more colorful trends we've talked about and could stand out despite not being very bright.

14. Natural inspirations

Graphic Design Trends Natural inspirations

Graphic Design Trends Natural inspirations

Graphic design is inspired by the natural world. Logo design elements are being used by more brands to evoke or mimic elements of nature such as rivers and plants. A new trend in design is to incorporate texture into multiple elements such as film grain and other tactile examples. A current trend is to incorporate texture in various elements, including film grain or other tactile examples.

We are also seeing more muted colors and schemes that use soft pastels or earth tones. This could be because of the popularity of vintage modern design aesthetics. It's easy to see why design trends favor the natural world. We have been trapped indoors so long that we feel a need to be outside more often. This need can be addressed with nature-inspired design. When you use elements from nature, even if they are not kept at home, your audience will feel more connected and fond. This design is also available in starter templates for Wordpress themes like Divi.

15. Pop-art and comics

Graphic Design Trends Pop-art and comics

Graphic Design Trends Pop-art and comics

Recent changes to comic book design include a heavier typeface and action lines, as well as a mixture of bold and gritty colors. Like pop art, this style was distinguished by its color and design. It was met with a mixed response. There are many styles and variations of comic book art. Many have evolved over time. They all have a common theme, however: bright colors and surrealist drawing style.

It's not surprising, given that Marvel is the most successful movie franchise in the world, and movies like Suicide Squad or Watchman have been enormously successful.

16. Psychedelic design

Graphic Design Trends Psychedelic design

Graphic Design Trends Psychedelic design

The 70s are a favourite! This year, designers are focusing on their inner feelings by creating psychedelia prints and designs. Psychedelia was a type of music and art trend that provoked the hippie culture in the 1960s and 1970s. Latin for "To open your mind", this expression can be translated from Latin. This was a movement that used psychoedelic drug to awaken the mind and induce hallucinations.

Psychedelia goes beyond the use of hallucinogenic drugs and music festivals. It created a new cultural moment, a way of speaking, and a new clothing style. Psychedelia was a mixture of abstract shapes and chaotic images. This is another trend that follows the nostalgia design trend. The use of vivid color patterns and the optical color vibrations in pop-art inspired psychedelic design. It is believed that it borrowed design ideas and designs from comic books.

It is easy to spot the psychedelic design, which features bright colors and unusual shapes that almost create an optical illusion effect. The reemergence of this chaotic theme with abstract shapes and distorted design is similar to the original movement. It was born from an unstable moment in time.

17. Tactile Design

Graphic Design Trends Tactile Design

Graphic Design Trends Tactile Design

Graphic design isn't just about vintage designs being modernized. Natural design elements are also a popular trend. In the last year, tactile design has seen a rise in popularity. This design philosophy is based upon UI and graphic design that you can almost feel. Digital world is changing. It's changing from Google's "Material" design, which mimics paper, to the sleekness of glassmorphism and designs inspired by natural elements. It's becoming less abstract and tangible.

3D art is a popular trend in design. These can be created digitally or printed using physical media. The increasing number of digital natives in the tech sector has no doubt contributed to this sense of tactility. It shares design elements with the handmade Guerilla Zine Culture, which was created in the United States by the first commercially available copy machines in 1950s.

18. Voxel Design

Graphic Design Trends Voxel Design

Graphic Design Trends Voxel Design

Voxel Art, also known as 3D pixels, is a type of digital art that uses "volumetricpixels." You can use it to create animations, games, or illustrations. 3D design is a popular technique that designers are now using more frequently. There are many kinds of voxel art, but all are based on connecting blocks to create a composition. Voxel Art, a classic videogame, is instantly recognisable because of its Voxel design. The 2015 Adam Sandler movie Pixels features 3D illustrations.

Voxel art is a style that employs geometric shapes in a manner very similar to Legos. It is easy to recognize and distinguish. This fun and playful design is straight out of a videogame. This retro trend will appeal to both customers and clients. Geometric shapes are a favorite choice for videogame and tech companies. This style is used to remind customers about their roots. This design is perfect for tech companies that want to stand out.

19. Illustrations hand-drawn

Graphic Design Trends Illustrations hand-drawn

Graphic Design Trends Illustrations hand-drawn

Hand-drawn illustrations are a long tradition. They convey authenticity, familiarity and softness. More brands have taken this approach in the last year. A custom illustration can convey a lot about the brand's emotions and story. A custom illustration can communicate a feeling of place or mood that isn’t possible with other types.

Many users use our platform to create content like this. Our platform allows for you to precisely control your lines. Third-party pencils and tablets such as the Wacom Intuos Pro are also supported by our platform. This design trend fits in with one of the other trends listed: connecting through design. Hand-drawn illustrations will give your designs a personal touch. You can incorporate this trend into your work by creating simple illustrations you then add to an existing layout. You can add an individual touch to any graphic by creating custom illustrations.

20. Jewel tones

Graphic Design Trends Jewel tones

Graphic Design Trends Jewel tones

Jewel tones are back in fashion this year. The rich and deep jewel tones are inspired by gemstones like Sapphire and Amber. These bold tones create a striking design palette that pops in any design. A design can be given a unique look by using jewel tones. Gilded items are a hot trend this year with gold being the most desired color by designers.

Textured designs often use a lot of gold. To make everyday items stand out, gold is often used in textured designs. This year, it's not just gold that is in fashion. Azure, which grew over 90% in just one year, was second in color growth for 2020. This is only one example of many gem tones that are making an impact on design. They won't slow down, we believe.

21. Abstract Minimalism

Graphic Design Trends Abstract Minimalism

Graphic Design Trends Abstract Minimalism

Designers love abstract minimalism. This unusual look can be paired with saturated- and distorted proportions characters and text. Minimalism, an abstract art form that became popular in the 1960s, is called minimalism. It is composed of simplified shapes. Minimalist design uses only the essential elements to create art. Minimalist design is also applicable to interior and fashion design. Minimalist design has been a very popular choice in recent years. Many people can now get rid of clutter and unnecessary items to lead a simpler lifestyle.

The idea is now more popular thanks to the popularity of Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizer. Kondo encourages people to get rid of anything that doesn't "bring them joy." You can design as simple or as complex as you like. With character drawings, abstract minimalism is becoming more fashionable. Learning how to incorporate minimalism into your design is a powerful skill for any designer.


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