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The Fastest FREE Woocommerce themes [2023] 💥

Best free Woocommerce themes

All these themes are free and produce insanely fast loading times. A number of these themes, usually the better ones, also have a pro version. Via the buttons under the short descriptions on this page you can go to my extensive reviews for these themes. In case they have a pro version, this will also be discussed there.


These fast themes are so popular that they have been sold hundreds of thousands of times.

The Fastest free Woocommerce themes (top 6)

1. Astra

Best free Woocommerce themes Astra

The Astra Theme is one of the themes that has caught the eye lately. It is an all-rounder and the theme is incredibly fast, but also has a lot to offer. Thus, it provides pre-processed demo layouts for all top page builders. With Astra you can use your favorite page builder and you always have a large number of demos that you can install with 1 click.

The Astra theme has paid special attention to offer you these best options for webshops and they have more than succeeded. Astra occurs in practically all rankings and is often in place 1, like here, it is a fantastic theme.

2. Generatepress Premium

Best free Woocommerce themes Generatepress

Generatepress is one of Astra's closest competitors and was also built for speed and web shops. The theme also has beautiful layouts that can also be installed with 1 click, but unfortunately not like Astra for each type of page builder separately. Generatepress only has this for the Elementor page builder, which is great in itself, because there is practically no better page builder.

You can choose from Elementor Free or -Pro. Despite that, the theme is also perfectly compatible with all other top page builders. Generatepress is a minimalist theme but everything works like a charm. It has many special features for webshops that make it a piece of cake to build a real professional shop.

3. OceanWP

Best free Woocommerce themes OceanWP

The OceanWP Theme again meets all the requirements to get into this ranking for fast free Woocommerce themes . The theme is best used with Elementor and offers additional extensions for this to significantly expand the number of widgets.

Despite the fact that the free version works very well, Ocean-WP definitely recommends switching to the pro version as the amount of demos and extensions you get is incredibly large. It is not without reason that the free version is downloaded thousands of times a day on Wordpress.org, this theme is a winner.

4. Neve

Best free Woocommerce themes Neve

Just like Generatepress, the Neve theme offers special layouts that were built with Elementor. The free version offers about 10 of these demos the pro version 50+, but the free version certainly suffices for building a beautiful shop. Neve also has lightning-fast loading times, which is of course a must to appear on this list.

Neve's builders have another similar theme called Hestia which is also super fast but offers fewer demos. Neve gratis is immensely popular on Wordpress.org and is used by both amateurs and professionals.

5. Hello Elementor

Best free Woocommerce themes Hello

The Hello Elementor theme can only be used together with the Elementor page builder. The theme is so minimalistic that you can't do much with it. Elementor marketed it specifically as the perfect theme to support their page builder. This theme, since there is relatively little in it, therefore loads very quickly.

The perfect theme for me personally, however, is the Astra Theme mentioned above, which works just as perfectly with Elementor as Hello, but offers a sea of extra options. Whichever way you look at it, the Hello Theme meets all the requirements for ranking in this list of fast free Woo-commerce themes.

6. Storefront

Best free Woocommerce themes Storefront

The Storefront theme is very similar to Hello Elementor. In this case, the theme was specially released to collaborate with Woocommerce. It is also a very minimalist theme, which is also the intention. Storefront is super fast loading and free. This earns it its place in the list, but as you can see it is the last choice.

You are by far the best off to go for the number 1, the Astra Theme. The Astra Theme in combination with the Elementor page builder is the perfect combination to build great webshops. You won't regret it.

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