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Elementor Vs Thrive Architect comparison [2024] 💥

Elementor Vs Thrive Architect

ELEMENTOR REVIEW (Elementor vs Thrive)

Elementor is now more than just one of the best page builders...

Elementor review

Ever played with LEGOs? That's pretty much what it's like using Elementor page builder - except you won't step on any pieces! It's like the Swiss Army knife of page builders, fitting into any theme like a charm. And guess what? Elementor has its own theme buddy, The Hello theme, which is as free as your grandma's love!

With over 300 ready-made demos, it's like having a party where all your favorite themes are invited. Who needs other themes when you've got Elementor? It's like saying you need another pizza topping when you've already got pepperoni. The Hello theme is like that one friend who always has your back - reliable, sturdy, and doesn't ask for much.


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Imagine a superhero that swoops in to save your website design - that's Elementor for you! Fresh out of the web oven in 2016, and already it's like the popular kid in school, hanging out on over 8 million sites. Elementor isn't just any page builder; it's like the secret sauce that makes your web design as easy as making instant noodles – quick, easy, and surprisingly good!


Ready for a sneak peek? Check out the clip below. It's like watching a cooking show, but for websites. You'll get a glimpse of the magic behind the curtain, showing you how to whip up a web masterpiece with Elementor. For the full magical recipe, click here and dive into the world of Elementor's Editor.

Elementor pagebuilder review


Elementor review Navigator

Ever wished for a genie in your worksheet? Meet the brand new tool that's like your personal design assistant! It's versatile - dock it on the right or let it float like a happy little cloud in your worksheet. Just give any element or block a right-click and say 'Abracadabra'... Okay, just select "Navigator" to open it. This nifty Navigator turns work into play and speeds things up like a sports car on the autobahn. Intrigued? Watch this video for a magic show about the Navigator.


Elementor review save work

Who enjoys repeating the same task more than watching paint dry? Not many! Elementor is like a time-travel machine for your work. Save your work blocks, and poof! Reuse them on other pages, posts, or even teleport them to other websites. It's like having a "copy-paste" superpower for web design. This means you can say goodbye to the old-school, time-consuming methods. Want a sneak peek? The animation below is like a mini trailer of this awesome feature!


Elementor demo-designs

Like its cool cousin Divi, Elementor boasts a wardrobe of over 200+ layouts for every niche under the sun. Corporate, web shops, hotels, gyms, cafes, fashion, hosting, photography, architecture, lifestyle, travel - you name it! Plus, there's a squad of third-party designers crafting gorgeous layouts for Elementor, giving you even more options. Opting for these may add a little to your tab, but hey, who doesn't love a bit of extra sparkle? Check out the entire layout library here and get ready to be dazzled.


Elementor Woocommerce Builder

Elementor is like the fairy godmother for webshops, turning your site into a Cinderella story. Just like most top-notch themes, it's perfect for dolling up your online store. Imagine creating chic product pages and stylish category pages for Woocommerce, all without needing to be a wizard in HTML.

Yep, those days of needing coding spells are long gone! You're probably familiar with Woocommerce, the most popular shopping cart charm for Wordpress. Get ready to be wowed and check out this video for a magic carpet ride through the world of Woocommerce Builder with Elementor. Watch here for more enchanting details.


revisions editor

Elementor, like a tech-savvy superhero, wasn't too thrilled with the standard-issue revision editor in Wordpress. So, what did it do? It rolled up its digital sleeves and whipped up its own souped-up version. And let's be honest, the default Wordpress editor for revisions was as fun as watching paint dry – not cool when you needed to roll back changes.

It's not alone in this quest for greatness, as both Divi and Thrive are also packing this tool. Curious to see Elementor's Revisions Editor in action? Watch this video and dive into the world of smoother, smarter revisions!


Elementor Mobile editing

Elementor's like a tech-chameleon, seamlessly adapting to mobile, tablet, and desktop. As seen in the wizardry above, it's got "out-of-the-box" responsiveness, but here's the kicker – you get to tweak and tailor specifically for each device! It's like having a magic wand to perfect your site's look on any gadget.

And sure, this might be a common trick among top themes and page builders, but it's always cool to have that extra control in your toolbox. Fancy seeing this magic in motion? Watch this video to dive into the realm of Elementor's Mobile Editing – it's like having a mini tech genie at your fingertips!


Elementor color combinations

In our Elementor review, we're tipping our hats off to its color editor for texts, which is like a mini Photoshop tucked inside your website. Elementor brags about its "pixel perfect design," and honestly, they have every right to. It's like having a rainbow at your fingertips – every color imaginable, plus the power to create mesmerizing gradients.

It's like being a digital artist without the mess of paint! Ready to add some color to your site? Watch this video and get the lowdown on Elementor's Color Picker – it's like the digital version of a paint palette!


Elementor header footer design

Elementor gives you the keys to the kingdom when it comes to headers and footers – total control, just like a web design royalty! Sure, all the elite page builders have this feature, but it's like having a secret weapon in your theme arsenal. Imagine crafting headers and footers that are the crown jewels of your site. Want to see how it's done? Watch this video for a royal tour of Elementor's Header-Footer Builder – it's like being the architect of your own digital castle!


Elementor basic elements


Elementor pro elements


Elementor theme elements

Think of Elementor's elements as the building blocks of your web page castle, and boy, does Elementor bring a whole toy box full of them! It's like they've thought of everything, leaving no stone unturned. And here's a fun surprise – Elementor comes with its own pop-ups, stylish and user-friendly, so you can bid farewell to your old pop-up plugin.

It's yesterday's news! You won't need it anymore. Curious about the full array of tricks? Check out this link for a grand tour of all 90+ Elementor Widgets – it's like a theme park for web designers!


Elementor Pop-Ups

Elementor's pop-ups are not just beautiful, they're like a piece of cake to set up – a delightful tool indeed. In the world of top page builders, it's like they're all peeking into each other's notebooks, copying the best notes. These pop-ups are the MVPs for your call-to-action and conversion plays. Ready to add some zing to your site? Check out this link for everything you need to know about Elementor's pop-ups – it's like unlocking a secret weapon for your website's engagement!


Elementor pricing

Curious about the price tag for this web design magician called Elementor? Peek at the image above for the grand reveal. When it comes to value for money, Elementor is like finding a designer gown at thrift store prices – it's worth triple what you pay, especially when you stack it up against premium themes that ask for more but give you less. It's like getting a five-star meal at a fast-food price! Intrigued? Hop over to the pricing page and keep your eyes peeled for discounts. It's like a treasure hunt for deals!


Elementor Academy

Got a few lingering questions about Elementor? Don't fret! You might just find the answers you seek in the super-organized, almost magical Elementor Academy. It's like the Hogwarts for web design, brimming with wisdom and answers to all your Elementor mysteries!

Visit Elementor

Thrive Architect (Elementor vs Thrive)

In this Elementor vs Thrive Architect review we now discuss the new addition to the world of page builders. One thing is for sure, Thrive Architect can compete with Divi and Elementor in terms of quality. The hugely popular Thrive Content Builder plugin has been replaced by the new page builder. This front-end WYSIWYG drag & drop page builder has not suddenly come out of the blue, although the page builder is still very new.

Thrive Architect pagebuilder-in-action

Like Elementor, Thrive Architect can be installed in any theme. Thrive Architect itself offers 325+ ready-made pages as templates that you can adapt to your corporate identity. This way you can quickly build your site. In the animation above how smoothly and well this page builder works. The number of settings and elements are overwhelming at first. Not that it is difficult to understand, but one has to get used to it.

Thrive Architect tables

Thrive Architect tables

More than 10 different styles for out-of-the-box tables can be found in the Thrive Architect page builder. Making the most beautiful and clearest tables a piece of cake, of course all responsive.

Thrive Architect responsiveness checker

Thrive Architect responsiveness

This Elementor vs Thrive Architect review already indicated talking about Elementor that Thrive also offers the possibility to fine-tune the pages in terms of style for all devices. Widgets can be shown or turned off whatever you want. You can also immediately see how things look on mobile, PC and tablet within the editor.

Thrive Architect contact forms

Thrive Architect contact forms

Contact forms are also standard built into the Thrive Architect page builder. You can assemble your forms in no time. Optimization for conversion has already been considered. It is recommended to remove or disable all contact form plugins.

The Thrive Architect user interface

Thrive Architect user interface

Our opinion in this Elementor vs Thrive Architect review is that Thrive should offer more ready-made pages or rather complete designs. Despite that, it must also be said that the user interface works very well, works very precisely, and is very clear. After one has gained a little experience with it, one strikes one page after the other, as it were. The editor covers the entire width of your worksheet, so it is full width and the toolbars can be docked or used floating, all very practical.

Thrive Architect full width

Elements can be picked up from the toolbars, and then placed anywhere in the site. Unsatisfied? Then you pick up the element and drag it to another place. This drag and drop function works great. The text editor also works this way, you can start writing anywhere without this being done in a "box". The text editor is inline and without a doubt great class.

The best inline text editor

Thrive Architect inline text-editor

Thrive Architect has the best text editor out there for Wordpress. Better than the other page builders offer. If you want to work at your leisure and start making money quickly, Thrive Architect is one of the better choices. It must be said that both Divi and Elementor also offer great text editors.

Thrive Architect latest upgrades

Thrive Suite pagebuilder Video

Even though the quality of Thrive Architect is already so high, it makes sense to think that they will only improve with every new upgrade just as they did with the last upgrade. Watch the video to see what all that was.

Thrive Architect Revision manager

Elementor vs Thrive Architect Revision manager

As discussed earlier at Elementor, Thrive Architect also has its own overhaul manager. You can always go back to an earlier time. This way you make mistakes in your work. What is quite unique at Thrive Architect is that you can also undo small actions via the buttons on your laptop / pc, say the well-known undo & redo.

The Thrive Architect options & settings

Thrive Architect  Options-menu

In Thrive Architect one has an options menu which is grouped, similar function come up when you choose a particular group. Despite the enormous versatility of options in Thrive, everything remains clear in this way.

Side menu advanced options

Thrive Architect Review sidebar settings

In the side menu you can choose "advanced" at the bottom, so additional options will appear. Most elements have hidden advanced options. It varies per element, but you can here set margin and padding properties, settings for different devices and animation effects.

Thrive Text animations

Thrive Architect Review Text animations

Thrive Architect Text animations 2

There is nothing easier than adding text animations with Thrive Architect. Thrive keeps everything so simple that everyone will now play with their animations.

The Thrive Architect page elements

Thrive Architect page elements

Thrive Architect has an element for everything, just like Elementor. You will hardly need to use third party plugins because everything is already in your Thrive Architect. At Thrive Architect always comes first to make money with your website. Conversion and leads always have priority. This is unique, other page builders are not so strong.

Ready-made demo pages

Thrive Architect Ready-made demo pages

Thrive Architect's library contains 325+ 1-click demo pages to install. Like the elements, these focus on call-2 action and conversion. We'll show you a few examples below.

Thrive Architect demo pages conversion

Thrive Architect demo pages conversion 2

Thrive Architect demo pages conversion 3

Thrive Architect also offers regular landing pages and standard business pages in addition to all the conversion materials but would do well to expand this considerably which they will definitely do. I expect so many new demos with every upgrade, that's what all top themes do.

Thrive Architect pricing

Thrive Architect pricing

This Thrive Architect review comes to an end here, let's discuss its costs. For 1 website you pay $ 67, the average price for a good theme is $ 60. I see Thrive as more than just a good theme and the $ 67 are okay. If you have multiple sites, you can operate them with the Architect for $ 97 a year, which is suddenly very cheap on average, so a good deal.

A membership costs you 228 per year, even if there is a monthly amount, you cannot pay per month. You get a lot more than just the Architect for this, lots of high quality plugins that we haven't covered here. I think the deal is definitely okay, and interesting for web designers who can use it to thrive 25 sites for clients.

Thrive vs Elementor conclusion

In this Elementor vs Thrive Architect review, it emerges that Thrive can compete with the best in themes and page builders and even takes the lead on some fronts. It is well worth the money and a joy to work with, especially the inline text editor. I look forward to future upgrades, it will all get better...


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