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Elementor Vs Thrive Architect comparison [2021]

Elementor Vs Thrive Architect


The particularly popular Elementor page builder and Thrive architect are compared in this review. Both page builders can be used in any theme and will be 100% compatible. You do not necessarily have to buy a theme, however a theme is required, but the standard WP themes can simply be used for it. The best free WP-theme to use here is the Astra theme. Using an elite theme does provide additional options and is therefore recommended. Let's start with Elementor ...

Elementor (Elementor vs Thrive)

Elementor features 300 1-click demo installs from which you can start creating your website at lightning speed. Obviously in this Elementor vs Thrive Architect review we are talking about the PRO version of Elementor all the time, the free version cannot be compared with Thrive Architect.

Elementor has made rapid progress since 2016 and has been installed on some 4 million websites. How many paying PRO version customers they have is unknown as far as I know. Of course it is not possible to compare this with the 767.154+ members of a theme like Divi of which most paid $ 249 for a lifetime membership. Elementor also closes deals with premium themes that offer their theme with Elementor already in it, which of course quickly increases the total installs. Anyway, impressive it is certainly the 4 million they claim.

Elementor Pagebuilder review

To get a good idea of what you can do with Elementor, it is a good idea to quickly watch the short video below ...

Elementor Navigator review

The Navigator is a new feature in Elementor and is practically an extra menu to work faster. The Navigator can be docked on the right side of your screen or used separately as a floating object. Again I recommend that you watch the video below to get a good impression quickly, callers speak more than words.

Save your work

Nobody likes to perform the same task over and over again, it takes an unnecessary amount of time and is also boring. Elementor saves you this trouble by making it possible to save blocks with your work. No video this time, but in the animation below you can see how this feature works. Saved blocks can be reused on arbitrary pages and posts. This even applies to other websites that you would have operated with Elementor.

Ready-2-install Designs

Elementor vs Thrive demo-designs

In this Elementor vs Thrive Architect review, we are now discussing the best features of Elementor that include the large number of ready-2-install designs. With so much support material, having an expensive theme with Elementor is practically unnecessary. In no time they set up a great design from scratch.

Something Elementor does not have and Thrive Architect does, is that there are many third parties that sell designs for Elementor. These are extra costs but it can save you time and sometimes the designs are very beautiful and worth spending on this. Both themes offer the usual designs for all different niches such as hotels, webshops, gyms, photographers, fashion, lawyers, travel agencies, etc. Elementor offers a wider range of diversity, Thrive Architect is mainly focused on conversion.

Elementor & Woocommerce

Elementor Woocommerce

Elementor is perfectly set up for editing webshops built with Woocommerce. Both product, check-out and category pages can be styled simply and beautifully. And that without any coding knowledge. It used to be a reasonable dose HTML- and PHP-knowledge required for this.

Elementor vs Thrive architect: Revision editor

Revision editor

Many page builders have their own editor for revisions built in. To them belong Elementor, Thrive Architect and Divi. The standard Wordpress revision editor is not great so that was a good idea.

Elementor vs Thrive architect review: Responsiveness

Elementor vs Thrive architect responsive

Apart from the fact that Elementor is of course perfectly responsive, you have the option to decide how things look on mobile and tablet. Very nice to be able to make targeted adjustments for the various devices if necessary. However, other elite page builders can do this too, not just Elementor.

Elementor color options

Elementor color options

In this Elementor vs Thrive architect review, we rate the color editor highly. Almost comparable to the options one has for this in Photoshop. You can use all possible colors and with gradient. Elementor calls this feature "pixel perfect design", which was well-liked.

Elementor vs Thrive Header & Footer

Elementor vs Thrive header footer design

Being able to do just that with your footers and headers if you want is one of the handy tools that both Elementor and thrive have built in. Display pre-built footers and / or headers on those pages where you want. You can use anything else anywhere you want, although it seems very exaggerated and labor intensive.

Elementor standard elements

Elementor standard elements

Elementor PRO-version elements

Elementor pro elements

Elementor Theme elementen

Elementor theme elements

Elementor has thought of practically everything in terms of elements, forms, tables, sliders, you name it and your pages can be provided with it. Elementor even has a built-in pop-up plugin as we discuss below. For all I know, Elementor is the only page builder to have this feature at the moment. Forget your pop-up plugin with Elementor.

Elementor Pop-Ups

You can create incredibly beautiful pop-ups. This tool is also super easy to use, everyone can work with it. I don't think the other page builder will be left behind for long with the built-in pop-ups because in the end they don't want to do anything for each other. The Elementor pop-ups are great for call-to-action and conversion.

Elementor Theme review: pricing

Elementor pricing

Prices for Elementor are shown above in the picture. Elementor is well worth the money. This also applies to other top page builders, such as Thrive and Divi.

To Elementor website

Thrive Architect (Elementor vs Thrive)

In this Elementor vs Thrive Architect review we now discuss the new addition to the world of page builders. One thing is for sure, Thrive Architect can compete with Divi and Elementor in terms of quality. The hugely popular Thrive Content Builder plugin has been replaced by the new page builder. This front-end WYSIWYG drag & drop page builder has not suddenly come out of the blue, although the page builder is still very new.

Thrive Architect pagebuilder-in-action

Like Elementor, Thrive Architect can be installed in any theme. Thrive Architect itself offers 325+ ready-made pages as templates that you can adapt to your corporate identity. This way you can quickly build your site. In the animation above how smoothly and well this page builder works. The number of settings and elements are overwhelming at first. Not that it is difficult to understand, but one has to get used to it.

Thrive Architect tables

Thrive Architect tables

More than 10 different styles for out-of-the-box tables can be found in the Thrive Architect page builder. Making the most beautiful and clearest tables a piece of cake, of course all responsive.

Thrive Architect responsiveness checker

Thrive Architect responsiveness

This Elementor vs Thrive Architect review already indicated talking about Elementor that Thrive also offers the possibility to fine-tune the pages in terms of style for all devices. Widgets can be shown or turned off whatever you want. You can also immediately see how things look on mobile, PC and tablet within the editor.

Thrive Architect contact forms

Thrive Architect contact forms

Contact forms are also standard built into the Thrive Architect page builder. You can assemble your forms in no time. Optimization for conversion has already been considered. It is recommended to remove or disable all contact form plugins.

The Thrive Architect user interface

Thrive Architect user interface

Our opinion in this Elementor vs Thrive Architect review is that Thrive should offer more ready-made pages or rather complete designs. Despite that, it must also be said that the user interface works very well, works very precisely, and is very clear. After one has gained a little experience with it, one strikes one page after the other, as it were. The editor covers the entire width of your worksheet, so it is full width and the toolbars can be docked or used floating, all very practical.

Thrive Architect full width

Elements can be picked up from the toolbars, and then placed anywhere in the site. Unsatisfied? Then you pick up the element and drag it to another place. This drag and drop function works great. The text editor also works this way, you can start writing anywhere without this being done in a "box". The text editor is inline and without a doubt great class.

The best inline text editor

Thrive Architect inline text-editor

Thrive Architect has the best text editor out there for Wordpress. Better than the other page builders offer. If you want to work at your leisure and start making money quickly, Thrive Architect is one of the better choices. It must be said that both Divi and Elementor also offer great text editors.

Thrive Architect latest upgrades

Even though the quality of Thrive Architect is already so high, it makes sense to think that they will only improve with every new upgrade just as they did with the last upgrade. Watch the video to see what all that was.

Thrive Architect Revision manager

Elementor vs Thrive Architect Revision manager

As discussed earlier at Elementor, Thrive Architect also has its own overhaul manager. You can always go back to an earlier time. This way you make mistakes in your work. What is quite unique at Thrive Architect is that you can also undo small actions via the buttons on your laptop / pc, say the well-known undo & redo.

The Thrive Architect options & settings

Thrive Architect  Options-menu

In Thrive Architect one has an options menu which is grouped, similar function come up when you choose a particular group. Despite the enormous versatility of options in Thrive, everything remains clear in this way.

Side menu advanced options

Thrive Architect Review sidebar settings

In the side menu you can choose "advanced" at the bottom, so additional options will appear. Most elements have hidden advanced options. It varies per element, but you can here set margin and padding properties, settings for different devices and animation effects.

Thrive Text animations

Thrive Architect Review Text animations

Thrive Architect Text animations 2

There is nothing easier than adding text animations with Thrive Architect. Thrive keeps everything so simple that everyone will now play with their animations.

The Thrive Architect page elements

Thrive Architect page elements

Thrive Architect has an element for everything, just like Elementor. You will hardly need to use third party plugins because everything is already in your Thrive Architect. At Thrive Architect always comes first to make money with your website. Conversion and leads always have priority. This is unique, other page builders are not so strong.

Ready-made demo pages

Thrive Architect Ready-made demo pages

Thrive Architect's library contains 325+ 1-click demo pages to install. Like the elements, these focus on call-2 action and conversion. We'll show you a few examples below.

Thrive Architect demo pages conversion

Thrive Architect demo pages conversion 2

Thrive Architect demo pages conversion 3

Thrive Architect also offers regular landing pages and standard business pages in addition to all the conversion materials but would do well to expand this considerably which they will definitely do. I expect so many new demos with every upgrade, that's what all top themes do.

Thrive Architect pricing

Thrive Architect pricing

This Thrive Architect review comes to an end here, let's discuss its costs. For 1 website you pay $ 67, the average price for a good theme is $ 60. I see Thrive as more than just a good theme and the $ 67 are okay. If you have multiple sites, you can operate them with the Architect for $ 97 a year, which is suddenly very cheap on average, so a good deal.

A membership costs you 228 per year, even if there is a monthly amount, you cannot pay per month. You get a lot more than just the Architect for this, lots of high quality plugins that we haven't covered here. I think the deal is definitely okay, and interesting for web designers who can use it to thrive 25 sites for clients.

Thrive vs Elementor conclusion

In this Elementor vs Thrive Architect review, it emerges that Thrive can compete with the best in themes and page builders and even takes the lead on some fronts. It is well worth the money and a joy to work with, especially the inline text editor. I look forward to future upgrades, it will all get better...

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