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E-commerce A/B Testing Tips for WordPress Websites [2024] 💥

E-commerce A/B Testing Tips for WordPress Websites

In today's highly competitive e-commerce landscape, understanding what works best for your website is crucial. It's not just about creating a visually appealing site, but about optimizing every element to drive conversions. A/B testing is a proven strategy for this, allowing you to compare different versions of your content to identify the highest performing one. For WordPress website owners, implementing and managing A/B tests can seem challenging. However, there's an ideal solution that simplifies this process.


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Why A/B Testing is Essential for E-commerce Websites

A/B testing is the practice of comparing two or more versions of a webpage to see which performs better. It's essential because small changes, such as button colors, headlines, or testimonials, can have significant impacts on user behavior. By testing these variations, e-commerce websites can uncover insights about what encourages customers to take desired actions, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

Introducing Divi: The Ultimate Solution for A/B Testing in WordPress

The Divi Theme stands out as the perfect tool for A/B testing in WordPress. Powered by the Divi Builder, this theme introduces Divi Leads - a robust split-testing system. With Divi Leads, website owners can effortlessly create different versions of their pages and evaluate which one excels in achieving specific goals.

Deep Dive into Divi's Split-Testing Capabilities

With Divi's Split-Testing, you're not just getting an ordinary testing tool. This system is built right into the Divi Builder, enabling you to test virtually any element on your website. Whether you're keen on trying different button colors, multiple headlines, or entirely unique layouts, Divi Leads provides detailed insights into how each variation affects clicks, sales, and overall engagement.

The combination of Divi Leads and the Visual Builder is like a dream come true for e-commerce website owners. Instead of relying on third-party tools or complex setups, you can initiate, manage, and track split tests right from the modern front-end interface of Divi. Imagine being able to duplicate a section of your website, apply changes to each variation independently, and then broadcast different versions to your visitors. What's more, you can create an unlimited number of variations to determine which elements resonate best with your audience.

Setting Goals with Divi Leads

Every split test needs a goal. In Divi Leads, any module, row, or section on your site can serve as this goal. Depending on your chosen goal, Divi Leads tracks specific statistics relevant to the conversion rate of that goal. For instance:

  • If the Shop Module is your goal, it monitors sales statistics to see how page changes influence sales.
  • If you choose the Email Optin module, it tracks subscriber activity to gauge how modifications impact your email list growth.
  • Selecting the Contact Form as your goal means Divi Leads will observe form submissions to assess how alterations affect lead generation.

The built-in nature of Divi Leads in the builder lets you be highly specific with your goals, ensuring accurate and relevant results.

Effortless A/B Testing with Divi's Visual Builder

Starting an A/B test is a breeze. In the Visual Builder, you simply right-click on any webpage element, choose the Split Test option, and the chosen item gets duplicated automatically for customization. As you cycle through each variation using the arrows that appear during hover, you can modify each version individually. Additionally, the Wireframe Mode provides a comprehensive list of all split testing variations.

Real-World Application: The Coffee Roaster Example

Let's say you run a local coffee roasting business and utilize WooCommerce with the Divi Shop Module for online sales. On the sales page, you showcase a Header Module, several Testimonial Modules, and the Shop Module listing your products. To boost conversion rates, you want to display the three most persuasive testimonials out of the twenty you have. Here's where Divi's Split-Testing shines. The Testimonial Module becomes your split testing subject, and the Divi Shop Module is your goal. By displaying different testimonials to varied visitors, Divi Leads helps identify which ones are most effective in driving sales.

Monitoring and Analyzing Results

Once you've initiated a split test, Divi Leads begins tracking results instantly. These findings are presented through graphs and charts, showcasing the performance of each version. After accumulating sufficient data, it becomes evident which variation is superior. Upon concluding your split test, selecting the highest performing version as the winner is straightforward.


Split testing is undeniably a potent tool for e-commerce websites. With Divi's intuitive Visual Builder and the seamless integration of Divi Leads, A/B testing is no longer a complex task reserved for the tech-savvy. It's a user-friendly, effective solution that empowers website owners to make informed decisions about their site's design and content. For a more comprehensive look into the capabilities and benefits of the Divi Theme, check out this Divi Review.

There are also 2 page builders that offer a very good AB testing system, called Elementor and ThriveThemes.


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