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Divi vs Qwery Themes [2024] 💥

Divi vs Qwery

Theme Comparison: Divi vs Qwery

Dive into the specifics of Divi and Qwery, two versatile WordPress themes that cater to a diverse range of website types. We begin with a feature-by-feature comparison to highlight each theme's strengths and weaknesses, followed by detailed reviews. This analysis will aid you in choosing the theme that best aligns with your project's requirements and design preferences.

Feature Divi 5 Qwery
Customization ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Extensive with Divi Builder) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Good with Elementor Page Builder)
Performance ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Optimized for speed and performance) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Fast and lightweight, optimized for speed)
Templates & Demos ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Hundreds of pre-made layouts and templates) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (30+ Premade demos, 1000+ ready-to-use elements)
Price ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (One-time payment for lifetime access) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Single purchase starting at $59)
Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Excellent customer support) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Half of the year professional Technical Support)
Community ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Large and active community) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Active community with regular updates)
Plugin Integration ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Extensive integration with popular plugins) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Integrated with Elementor, compatible with WooCommerce)


Divi 5 offers a more comprehensive suite of features and customization options, making it a top choice for a wide range of website needs. Qwery, with its trendy design and Elementor Page Builder integration, provides a good option for users looking for a modern and easily customizable theme. Both themes are optimized for performance and offer a variety of templates and demos to suit different project types.

DIVI THEME (Divi vs Qwery)

Divi is the best-selling Wordpress theme ever...

Divi 5 Theme

Greetings, tech enthusiasts! This year, we celebrate a decade of Divi's transformative presence in the WordPress ecosystem with the debut of Divi 5. From a pioneering theme to a holistic design toolkit, Divi's evolution is a game-changer. Take this opportunity to acquire or upgrade your Divi license, now available at an unbeatable anniversary price.

While you can access all technical specifications at the Elegant Themes website, we encourage you to experience the conversation here that mirrors Divi's ethos. The Divi website is more than just a user interface; it's an experience, a testament to what innovative design and thoughtful functionality can accomplish together.


Divi Ad 680px

DIVI AI (Text & Image Generator)

High-Speed Image Editing: Achieve the perfect visual quality with Divi AI's rapid image enhancement tools, fine-tuning your images to meet exact specifications.

Dynamic Content Creation: Utilize Divi AI to craft text and visuals, or compile complete content sections effortlessly, enhancing your overall productivity.

Custom Content Adaptation: Divi AI expertly adjusts to your brand’s tone, producing engaging content that captures your audience’s attention and keeps them coming back for more.

Instant Custom Imagery: Generate the ideal image for your content on demand with Divi AI, ensuring every visual is perfectly tailored to your project's context.

Eliminating Creative Blocks: Overcome writer’s block with innovative solutions from Divi AI, providing a stream of creative ideas that rejuvenate your content creation process.

Precision Copy Editing: Refine your written content for maximum clarity and impact with Divi AI's advanced editing capabilities.

Effortless Quality Content Production: Need top-tier content quickly? Divi AI delivers exceptional, well-crafted material promptly, meeting stringent quality standards.

Divi AI


Transform your web design with Divi's Advanced Gradient Builder. This powerful feature allows you to implement complex gradient designs with the finesse of Photoshop, offering unparalleled control over the visual transitions that define modern aesthetics on your site.

Divi Theme Advanced Gradients


Leverage the power of the cloud with Divi's Divi Layout Cloud. This feature is like having a digital art studio in the cloud, where every component, from typography and color schemes to multimedia content, is just a click away from being implemented in your live projects.

Divi Theme Layout Cloud


Divi Theme Webshops

Divi 1-click demo lay-outs

Divi Theme Online Stores

Enhance your e-commerce capabilities with a closer look at Divi's WooCommerce-Builder. This detailed video will guide you through the customization processes available for setting up sophisticated product displays and unique category pages. Also, explore a spectrum of possibilities within our 229 Divi demos, which demonstrate the builder's adaptability and power.

With Divi, integrating advanced design elements becomes straightforward, enabling you to create compelling and attractive online stores that are also optimized by Elementor Pro.

DIVIBUILDER (Pagebuilder)


The DiviBuilder excels in delivering precise and intuitive web design experiences, equipped with a broad spectrum of customizable tools that transform any vision into reality. This builder is known for its user-friendly interface and rapid deployment capabilities.

With the purchase of Divi, the DiviBuilder is also accessible as a standalone plugin, broadening its applicability across various themes and enhancing your web design portfolio. Experience the practical benefits of this tool by testing the DiviBuilder on the Divi website, where you can directly interact with its extensive functionalities.


Divi Theme Speed

Divi 5 has revolutionized the way websites operate, doubling the speed and halving the memory usage compared to Divi 4. This improvement is akin to upgrading from analog to digital technology, providing a smoother and faster user experience. Discover the full impact of these changes by watching the video on Divi 5's groundbreaking enhancements.


Divi Theme Effects

Divi provides advanced image editing tools that allow users to fine-tune exposure, play with color filters, and apply creative effects such as sepia, maintaining the original image quality. This capability turns your computer into an efficient photo studio, removing the need for additional editing software.

The theme also enhances websites with scroll effects, including parallax and animations like slide-ins, to improve visual appeal. Features like a multi-layered parallax hero effect and an animated timeline with a sports car dynamically revealing text enhance the user experience. To see these effects in action, visit here.


Divi Theme Transforms

Experience the new and improved Transforms tool in Divi 5.0, designed to accelerate web development and simplify user interactions in keeping with recent WordPress innovations. This upgrade enhances Divi's API, offering developers greater flexibility to innovate and customize modules, thereby enriching the toolset available for sophisticated web design. Access this video to learn more.


Divi Theme Shape Dividers

Transform your web design with DiviBuilder’s Shape Dividers, which allow you to incorporate visually engaging elements that separate content smoothly. These shapes range from subtle curves to striking angular forms, suitable for adding character and clarity to your pages. They're especially effective on creative portfolios or business websites looking to stand out with a distinctive visual style.


Divi Theme Bulk Edit

Enhance your design workflow with Divi's Bulk Edit feature, which allows you to make extensive changes to multiple elements simultaneously. This tool is ideal for ensuring cohesive design elements across your entire website, from typography to element positioning.

Discover how Bulk Edit can save you time and help achieve a harmonious website design by watching this video.


Divi Theme Drop Shadows

Transform your website designs with Divi's Drop Shadows, making it simple to apply shadows that add depth and perspective. Customize shadows to blend perfectly with your existing visuals, enhancing the overall design without needing additional graphic design tools.

Discover how to apply these settings and significantly uplift your design by watching this video.


Divi Theme split testing

Optimizing a website in today's digital economy means more than just updating content; it requires a strategic approach to design and layout. Divi Leads offers a solution that allows businesses to test various configurations, effectively showcasing different designs to determine which ones achieve the best engagement.

This tool not only simplifies the process of website optimization but also serves as an analytical instrument, identifying the most effective configurations that lead to higher conversions and enhanced user interaction.


The Divi standard plan at $89 annually offers comprehensive web development tools with continuous updates, perfect for developers who manage multiple projects. The Pro plan, at $277, caters to advanced users with additional features like AI and increased cloud storage, enhancing their ability to deliver cutting-edge designs.

This pricing strategy ensures that Divi can accommodate users with varying needs and budgets.


Divi is not merely a toolkit—it's a comprehensive ecosystem for web designers. From novice to expert, every user finds value in Divi’s versatile tools and features. The platform’s large user base contributes insights that keep it at the cutting edge of web design technology.

Interested in user testimonials? Check out the glowing reviews on Trustpilot to see how Divi stands up to user expectations.

Joining Divi means gaining access to a thriving community and a toolkit that evolves with your needs.

Visit Divi theme

QWERY THEME (Qwery vs Divi)

Qwery Theme review


Qwery rose to a top 10 ranking in the Wordpress theme rankings on the Themeforest marketplace within a few months. They did this by offering an excellent quality theme for only $ 19. Now that the theme is known and has a very high rating, the price has risen to $ 39 and will likely increase to $ 59 soon. The theme is built to work with Elementor. Nobody will object to this as Elementor can be counted as one of the 2 best page builders out there at the moment.


Below you can see the average valuation of Qwery. On the Themeforest Marketplace 4.93 is one of the highest scores that you will find for Wordpress themes. The real top themes such as Astra and Divi approach the 5.0 as rating but they are not sold on this marketplace. The theme with the highest rating on this marketplace is another newcomer, the Hub Theme

Qwery Theme review ratings


Installing Qwery is very easy, just like most themes. There is no free version of the theme available, so you will have to buy it for the relatively favorable price of 39 dollars compared to other good themes on the same marketplace.

It is recommended to install one of the many ready-to-go designs. As a young theme, Qwery already offers about 60 very beautiful complete designs for all types of niches and shops. There will be a lot more to come soon as they promise 2 new demos per month.

Qwery Theme installation ready themes

Qwery was built for the Elementor page builder which is an excellent idea and more and more themes are following this example. Elementor is one of the best page builders out there, especially when we talk about the pro version. The version in Qwery gives you more than 70 elements to work with.

Qwery Theme review Elementor


We perform a speed test with the theme under standard conditions, so without a cache plug-in and without optimized images. This theme does not indicate that it is specialized on loading times, but the results are quite good as can be seen in the image below.

without optimized images and cache plugin

Qwery Theme gtmetrix speedtest


If you go to the Qwery sales site via the link at the bottom of this article, you can click on demo there and you will find the most beautiful demos as below for example.


It may not be the theme's specialty yet, but with Qwery you can certainly build good shops and the theme works perfectly with Woocommerce. I also saw a few nice demos for shops in their collection from which you could start your shop.

Qwery theme review Woocommerce


Qwery is simply an all-round theme that can be used for everything, including portfolios. The theme offers a reasonable number of different layouts for portfolios.

Qwery theme review portfolios


An event calendar is not something that all themes have, and it can certainly be called unique if it is standard in a theme. With Qwery you do not have to buy a plug-in for this.

Qwery theme review Events


This is one of the best themes out there to build blogs and websites and it is rising in the rankings and it is better with every upgrade. It works perfectly with the Elementor pagebuilder and that's great too. The fact remains that Qwery, like all other themes that are sold on the Themeforest marketplace, require a separate license for each site you have. That is simply too expensive. The perfect theme for shops, blogs & websites is Divi and Astra is a very close second. These themes can be installed on multiple sites and the Divi Theme for example costs only $ 89, and comes with the Divibuilder full version! Qwery comes with Elementor, but that's the free version we're talking about then.

Qwery vs Divi conclusion

You have come to the end of my Divi vs Qwery comparison. Qwery is a very good theme and I will certainly not advise against it, I think it has a good future. The problem is that there is such a large and good team behind Divi and so much money is earned with it that in principle no theme can compete with it. Not even when it comes to individual aspects, Divi wins on every level. Quality aside, Divi is much more affordable in price if you want to use it on multiple sites. Qwery requires a separate license for each site, which of course quickly becomes very expensive.


Divi Ad 680px

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