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Divi vs Monstroid-2 Review for [2021]

Divi theme vs Monstroid-2


Divi vs Monstroid-2, which of these two top themes is best? Competition between the various theme builders is particularly high today. Some themes such as Divi have already been sold 767.154+ times, we are talking about a million-dollar business. There are actually 2 strategies that maintain top themes.

Some themes are built to work very simply, to create a simple but perfect design, and to load in a browser as quickly as possible, a good example of this is Astra Theme. Both Monstroid-2 and Divi belong to a category of themes where absolutely everything is possible and that everything is included so that in principle you no longer need plug-ins.

DIVI REVIEW (Divi vs Monstroid-2)

Divi is the top product of the elite Wordpress theme seller Elegant Themes.


Divi first hit the market in 2013 and quickly gained popularity. Since then, the theme has been continuously improved and improved again until version 4 of Divi now in [2021]. In the meantime, the theme has been sold 767.154+ times with many lifelong subscriptions. What an achievement!

What characterizes the Divi theme?

The continuous improvements and expansion of Divi's features and settings have made Divi popular with a wide audience, from laymen to pro website builders. Divi has many functions but it can also be kept simple, they do not all have to be used.

Divi theme vs Monstroid-2 page builders

One point we should definitely talk about in this Divi vs Monstroid-2 review is their page builders. Divi comes with the Divibuilder, a top page builder. Monstroid-2 comes with the Elementor page builder, great too. If you are interested in what the best page builder for Wordpress is, then read this article of ours.

Divi 4.0 Review video

To quickly get an impression of the improvements since Divi 4.0, it is a good idea to quickly watch the video below, which takes 4 minutes.

Over time, Divi has grown from a back-end page builder to a thoroughbred front-end WYSIWYG page builder with inline text editor. While working on your website, you will always see a live preview of what the page will look like. Each item is clickable and customizable. Incidentally, the addition of the history editor in Divi is a great asset (pictured below).

Divi history editor

Divi webshops

This theme works hand in hand with Woocommerce, the most popular plug-in for web shops. Divi offers a special shop module that you can install if you are going to build a webshop! I can't explain it better than Elegant Themes itself so watch the video below and you will immediately know everything. Takes only 10 minutes.

Divi vs Monstroid-2: Drag & Drop

Elements can be dragged within the editor using drag & drop, sections can be scaled (also with your mouse) and so you quickly build the layout for your page that you had in mind. (shown in video)

Also the ability to copy sections or elements and export them yourself to other sites is great. All in all, the Divibuilder has quickly grown into a super tool to get pages out of the ground. You can easily create sections and columns that you fill with the large number of elements (46 modules) that Divi has to offer.

Divi modules

Divi Fonts and Text Styling

Being able to adjust more than 600 different fonts in every possible way? This is possible with the Divi text editor. Almost as many options as in a program like Photoshop. There are more page builders with good editos, but the Divi editor is the crown here.

For Divi, in addition to the elements you will find in the editor such as sliders, forms, buttons, text, video, images, price tables, and the like, there are also a lot of third-party plugins on the market that offer extra functionality. Divi contains everything, but for very specific things you can sometimes use a special plug-in.

Divi vs Monstroid-2: Ready lay-outs and templates

The Divi Builder already offers +800 layouts and +100 website packages. Many will be added here in future upgrades. From these packages and layouts you can combine exactly those pages that you like and thus build your own website. All you have to do is replace everything with your own photos, texts, logo, et cetera.

Divi designs

You can make all your adjustments using the Divi Builder since these pre-made layouts were made with it. The Divi Builder gives you complete control over your entire website. Everything can be adjusted very quickly and with precision. After you have done your job, it is wise to save everything so that you cannot lose it. That is also one of the options that Divi offers.

Divi Leads split-test tool

During our review of Divi theme vs Monstroid-2, we had to note that there are several options in Divi that Monstroid-2 does not have, such as the Divi Leads split test tool that has been standard since version 2.7. With Divi Leads you can view different versions of a specific page or section on your website and see which version is more popular with your audience. Also think of different call-2 actions, buttons, images and the like.

Divi optimization tool

So we call this split testing. Besides Divi, I believe that only Thrive Architect has split testing in his page builder and for Elementor there is a plug-in for that. It is also called A-B testing by the way.

Divi optimization tool 2

In any case, a higher conversion is achieved with this. One no longer has to guess what works better, the facts are presented. I assume this function will soon be in all top themes and page builders.

Theme options

All settings for menu navigation, advertisements, social media, responsiveness, posts, woocommerce can be found in the extensive Divi theme options panel. There are many more settings, I'm not going to list them all but there are for your SEO, layout, updates and more. The settings are divided into groups so that they are easy to find for you.

Divi theme options

Transferability between websites

By transferability we mean being able to import and export between websites. With Divi it is very easy to use your work on multiple Wordpress sites with the Divi theme. This applies not only to your work, but also to your settings and layouts. Web designers save so much work by not having to reset or build everything all the time.

Divi prices

An Elegant-Themes membership gives you access to all of their products including Divi and costs $ 89 per year. Elegant-Themes has 86 other themes and many plug-ins. This is certainly a good deal, but it may be a lot cheaper to get a lifetime membership right away for $ 249. In any case, Divi offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.

Divi vs Monstroid-2: Divi summary

Divi is suitable for everyone, no HTML or PHP knowledge is required. It is packed with options and settings. The page builder is a pleasure to work with. A good design is quickly set up with the demo sites and a little bit of work. The prices are good to low for the quality they get.

Visit Divi website!

MONSTROID-2 THEME (Divi vs Monstroid-2)

Monstroid-2 vs Divi: Monstroid review

In this Divi vs Monstroid-2 review we will now continue with the Monstroid-2 Theme. Monstroid-2 is one of the top products on Templatemonster, a company that has been selling themes for more than 10 years and we are talking about thousands. The Monstroid-2 theme is standard equipped with the Elementor page builder, one of the best page builders there are for Wordpress.

Monstroid-2 with Elementor pagebuilder

The Monstroid-2 theme has fantastic features and is therefore a top 10 WordPress theme anyway. It is made to work with Woocommerce which makes it ideal for e-commerce websites (shops). The code of the theme is also written in such a way that it loads very quickly in a browser. Nobody likes to wait long for something to be seen on a website, so that is a very valuable feature today.

See Monstroid-2 live

You can view many layouts for the theme from the main menu on their site. For webshops click on "Home E-commerce" (see photo below).

Best Monstroid-2 vs Divi review

Monstroid-2 demo installation

Installing the demos is easy via the back-end. Choose the desired design and start customizing it via the Elementor page builder. The figure below shows how simple it is.

Monstroid-2 demo installation

Monstroid-2 shop lay-out

Monstroid-2 contains the new Jetwoobuilder that makes building product pages very easy. With the Jetwoobuilder you can create individual product pages from Elementor.

Monstroid-2 Jetwoobuilder Woocommerce

Below is an example of a shop layout that you can install in your Wordpress/Monstroid with 1 click. You do this via the import function of the theme. After that you only have to adjust the pages to your house style by replacing the demo material with your own photos and texts. The Elementor page builder will help you with this, it is a pleasure to work with this page builder. Everything is possible, works smoothly and is clear in terms of options.

Monstroid-2 e-commerce layout

Jet plug-ins in Elementor

Jet plug-ins in Elementor

You get the popular Jet Plugins that you can use in Elementor for free. For example, Jet-Blocks allows you to create pop-ups, menus and more. Jet-Tricks provides animation and other effects. The Jet plug-ins and the integrated Elementor page builder are an enrichment of the theme.

Monstroid-2 vs Divi video

Watch a video below where Monstroid-2 and Divi Theme both are compared with the Avada Theme. Like these 2 themes, the Avada theme is one of the best Wordpress themes out there and also the best-selling of all.

Below you can watch a video of what has improved in Monstroid-2, one of the best ecommerce and multipurpose themes for Wordpress, since the last major update.

Monstroid-2 vs Divi final conclusion

The Monstroid-2 theme costs $ 75 which is certainly okay. Just for the quality of the theme and its demos, but we also have to take into account the Elementor page builder and Jet plugins that you get for free. A Divi membership costs a bit more, but offers you 85 other premium themes in addition to the Divi theme. Well, one only needs one theme to build a website, so for one the many themes are great, while another is of little use. The choice is ultimately yours, both themes are definitely worth their money. I personally enjoy using both themes.

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