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Divi vs Kallyas Theme comparison [2024] 💥

Divi vs Kallyas

WordPress Theme Duel: Divi vs Kallyas

Compare Divi and Kallyas, two dynamic WordPress themes, through our detailed comparison. Starting with a clear feature table, we then delve into each theme's strengths and weaknesses. This thorough analysis helps you understand which theme will best cater to your specific needs, be it for e-commerce, portfolio, or business sites.

Feature Divi 5 Kallyas
Customization ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Extensive with Divi Builder) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Flexible with Zion Builder)
Performance ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Optimized for speed and performance) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Good performance with smart loader)
Templates & Demos ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Hundreds of pre-made layouts and templates) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (70+ pre-built templates for free)
Price ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (One-time payment for lifetime access) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (One-time purchase for a license)
SEO & Multilingual Ready ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Good SEO infrastructure, multilingual ready) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (SEO ready, Weglot & WPML ready)
WooCommerce Integration ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Full integration with custom modules) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Strong integration with built-in styles)
Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Excellent customer support) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Good support with extensive documentation)
Community ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Large and active community) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Active community with over 47,600+ users)
Plugin Integration ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Extensive integration with popular plugins) ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Compatible with popular plugins)


Divi 5 stands out as a more versatile and powerful theme with its extensive customization options and performance optimizations. Kallyas, while offering a solid set of features and a user-friendly page builder, falls short in matching Divi 5's comprehensive offerings. For users seeking a theme with a wide range of design possibilities and seamless integration with various plugins, Divi 5 is the clear winner.

DIVI THEME (Divi vs Kallyas)

Divi is the best-selling Wordpress theme ever...

Divi 5 Theme

Hi everyone! As we hit the ten-year mark with the Divi theme, we're thrilled to unveil Divi 5. This upgrade is not just an iteration—it's a revolution, expanding our toolkit from individual excellence to collective brilliance. Join us by securing your updated Divi license at a celebratory discount.

For a detailed rundown, the Elegant Themes website has all the information you need. We aim to inspire here, with discussions that stimulate the mind and creativity. The Divi website itself has become a hallmark of what is achievable in web design, merging aesthetics with functionality in new and exciting ways.


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DIVI AI (Text & Image Generator)

Quick-Fix Image Editing: Adjust and refine your images to perfection with Divi AI, serving as your on-demand photo editor, ensuring every visual detail is exactly how you want it.

Automated Content Assembly: Generate text, visuals, or entire sections with ease using Divi AI, streamlining your creative process and saving valuable time.

Brand-Specific Content Creation: Divi AI tailors content to fit your brand’s unique voice, starting from simple inputs to creating engaging interactions that reflect your audience's interests.

Rapid Custom Imagery: Need a customized image quickly? Divi AI delivers precision visuals in seconds, fully adapted to the context of your content.

Overcoming Writer’s Block: With Divi AI, never get stuck on a blank page again. It offers a plethora of ideas and solutions that invigorate your creative process and help maintain momentum.

Instant Access to Quality Content: Need superior content fast? Divi AI delivers rapidly, producing engaging and well-crafted content that fits your specified requirements effortlessly.

Editorial Improvement: Refine your content's tone and clarity with Divi AI’s editing tools, ensuring your final product is polished and precisely conveys your intended message.

Divi AI


Master the craft of color with the unparalleled precision of Divi's Advanced Gradient Builder. Like using Photoshop, you can manipulate gradients to create immersive, eye-catching designs that stand out in the digital landscape.

Divi Theme Advanced Gradients


Take control of your web design resources with Divi's Divi Layout Cloud. This powerful cloud storage solution not only organizes your assets but also enhances accessibility, allowing you to deploy elements on any project instantly, no matter where you are in the world.

Divi Theme Layout Cloud


Divi Theme Webshops

Divi 1-click demo lay-outs

Divi Theme Online Stores

Enhance your e-commerce platform with Divi's WooCommerce-Builder, as shown in our latest demo video. This builder gives you all the tools necessary to customize your online store, from detailed product pages to comprehensive category layouts. Explore our vast array of demos and see how Divi can transform the shopping experience.

With Divi's demos, you gain access to an array of pre-designed templates that are fully customizable and compatible with Elementor Pro, ensuring your site remains at the cutting edge of e-commerce trends.

DIVIBUILDER (Pagebuilder)


The DiviBuilder not only excels in delivering precision but also enhances user engagement through its intuitive design interface. This tool includes a full spectrum of customizable elements and effects, streamlining the web page creation process to be both quick and effective.

With the purchase of Divi, the DiviBuilder is also available as a standalone plugin, allowing you to extend its use across different themes, enhancing your web design flexibility. Discover its extensive capabilities by testing the DiviBuilder on the Divi website, and experience its powerful features firsthand.


Divi Theme Speed

With Divi 5, website load times have been halved compared to Divi 4, shedding a full second off the previous load times and reducing peak memory usage by 50%. This leap in performance is comparable to shifting from a standard vehicle to a supercharged sports car, providing a faster and more efficient user experience. To see these enhancements in action, check out the video detailing Divi 5's latest speed improvements.


Divi Theme Effects

Empower your photo editing with Divi’s comprehensive tools that precisely adjust exposure, enrich colors, and apply artistic effects like sepia, ensuring the original image quality is preserved. This capability effectively converts your desktop into a sophisticated photo studio, bypassing the need for extra editing tools.

Divi also revitalizes your website's visual impact with dynamic scroll effects including parallax and slide-in animations. Features such as a multi-layered parallax hero and an animated timeline with a sports car enhance the interactive and visual dynamics of your site. For further information, check out the examples here.


Divi Theme Transforms

Check out the updated Divi's Transforms tool in Divi 5.0, which brings enhanced performance improvements to web pages and simplifies the user experience in line with the latest WordPress technological advances. The newly enhanced API provides greater flexibility for developers, allowing for creative custom module development that broadens Divi’s capabilities. Access this video to learn more.


Divi Theme Shape Dividers

Revamp your digital storefront with DiviBuilder's Shape Dividers. By integrating a zigzag pattern, you could mimic the peaks and valleys of market trends on a financial advisory site, providing visual metaphor and depth. Explore innovative ways to use shape dividers effectively by reading more about Divi dividers.


Divi Theme Bulk Edit

Divi's Bulk Edit feature streamlines the web development workflow by allowing simultaneous changes to multiple website elements. This efficient tool simplifies tasks such as resizing blocks, changing color schemes, and updating font styles across various parts of your site.

Embrace the ease of managing your website with Bulk Edit. For an in-depth demonstration of its capabilities, watch this video.


Divi Theme Drop Shadows

With Divi's Drop Shadows, you can easily create and manipulate shadow effects to add depth and texture to your site's imagery. This tool is designed for both novices and professionals, enabling quick shadow adjustments that enhance the overall aesthetic of your projects.

See practical examples of drop shadows in action and how they can elevate your design by watching this video.


Divi Theme split testing

Enhance your website's functionality and aesthetic appeal with Divi's advanced Split Testing, integrated with Divi Leads for seamless operation. Test various elements to determine the most effective configurations, directly impacting your engagement metrics and conversion rates.

The tool's intuitive design within the Divi Builder makes it accessible for users of all skill levels, allowing for quick and effective website optimization.


The $89 annual standard plan from Divi includes not just site-building tools but also lifetime updates and support, making it a cost-effective option for web designers. Meanwhile, the $277 Divi Pro plan caters to the advanced needs of professionals with its state-of-the-art AI functionalities and extensive cloud storage, providing an unmatched toolkit for sophisticated projects.

This tiered pricing strategy ensures Divi is accessible to a wide range of users, from freelancers to large agencies.


Divi provides an intuitive platform that enables both novice and professional web designers to craft exceptional websites. The community, nearly a million strong, plays a critical role in shaping the tool's development, making it responsive to users' needs.

For a deeper understanding of how Divi stands out in the digital design space, consider reading the glowing reviews on Trustpilot. These insights highlight why Divi is preferred by so many web professionals.

Visit Divi theme

KALLYAS THEME (Kallyas vs Divi)

Kallyas theme review

In this Kallyas Theme review we discuss why Kallyas is one of the best themes to build web shops. It has 65 different demos to build all kinds of special shops with. You can simply install the demo version with the 1-click set up wizard on your hosting and from there adjust everything to your corporate identity. Due to the fact that the styling for the products seems to be perfect after every update and the completely own page builder that works flawlessly and with which people can build everything they want sharply and quickly, this theme has won my heart for creating web shops .

Kallyas is a popular premium theme that has been created as a multifunctional theme for every type of website, not just shops. It is packed with hundreds of functions and options, so you can adjust every aspect of your site. Discover all the details in this Kallyas review. Kallyas is a creation of Hogash, builders of different Joomla templates and HTML-themes. Kallyas is their sole WordPress-theme. It is one of the most popular at Themeforest with more than 48.909+ sales, and is highly appreciated.

Kallyas review: Characteristics of Kallyas

Kallyas is packed with features. Here are just a few of the most important:

Setup wizard with one-click demo installation

After installing and activating Kallyas, you will be taken to the setup wizard to help you set the theme. Make sure your server status is completely green. If that is not the case, you can follow the links to find out how to resolve any problems.

Kallyas wizard

Just keep clicking on the next step at the top of the screen to browse through the installation wizard. In step 4 you can choose to install one of the 65 demo sites to get started faster as you can expect from the best Wordpress webshop theme. With the help of the demo you can edit the content to make the site your own.

Kallyas demos

In the final step, there are links to a few tutorials about the most common functions, plus general links to the documentation, FAQs, and support forums if you need help getting started.

Kallyas theme review: Hundreds of options

Kallyas has a huge amount of options to customize your site. (That's why those demos are so handy - it may take a long time for all options to go through and your site set up).

Go to Kallyas Theme » General Options to get started.

Kallyas General options

There you can configure the options for header, menu's and footer, together with Google Analytics, MailChimp and reCAPTCHA integration.

Kallyas General options 2

(Make sure you enter your Google Analytics code into each theme, because if you switch between themes, it will stop tracking).

Under Kallyas Theme »Fonts Setup and Font Options, you can change the font of every aspect of your site and even upload your own fonts.

Kallyas fonts

Then there are options to adjust your blog page, portfolio page, documentation (more below) and general layout options.

Personalize your content with the "Smart Areas"

In this Kallyas theme review of course we have to mention that Kallyas has a function called "smart areas" that allows you to create blocks of content that you can reuse in different parts of your site. In fact, it's like creating custom sidebars wherever you want, or a shortcut for inserting content that you often use. Under Kallyas theme »Smart Areas you can set your smart areas to be displayed globally over your entire set in certain locations, such as before or after the footer, or even to replace the footer or subframe.

Kallyas Smart Areas

Unlimited sidebars, subheaders, and page layouts

Kallyas as well offers the option of creating any which number of sidebar & footer widget-areas. You can choose which of your sidebars you want to use in your archives, blog pages, individual posts, and pages. You can also create an unlimited number of subheader styles and use a different one on each page. Making these subheaders is super fast and looks perfect. Another reason to recommend Kallyas as the best wordpress webshop theme, especially if you would like a different subheader on every page.

You can also create your own layout templates in the Page Layouts menu. Page layouts can be used to override certain theme options on one-page or multi-pages. For example, you can create a template with a different header style, logo, etc. And only use it on the specific pages you choose.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Kallyas contains a built-in page builder for dragging and dropping elements.

Kallyas Elements

More than 100 different elements are available, including:

Buttons, accordions, mail content, banners, contact forms, menus, images, icons, image galleries, price tables, testimonials, ... and much more.

One can also set up their own page templates by positioning elements and adjusting them for margin and padding.

Including Revolution Slider

Kallyas will be delivered with Revolution Slider, a premium plug-in with which you can create extremely complex sliders. It contains hundreds of different options for creating sliders and animations. Revolution Slider is by far the most versatile Slider plug'in for Wordpress and one can even present other slides to visitors for mobile, tablet, desktop. Let's say everything has been thought of and anything you would like to do with it is really possible.

Portfolio and custom post-types

Kallyas offers the possibility to add a portfolio to your website as a custom message type. You can also add portfolio items to pages and messages using the page builder. There is also a custom message type for the documentation. It is a very simple custom message type that you can sort into categories.

Documentation and Support

Hogash has extensive documentation on the Kallyas theme on their site, both written in - as in video form. It is searchable so that you can find the information you need. There are also links to relevant tutorials from your WordPress dashboard. Some functions are only documented with video tutorials, making it difficult to quickly find the specific information you need. There is also a live chat for pre-sales questions, during regular GMT opening hours. Six months of support are included with your themed purchase, with an option to extend for another 12 months. Support is only available through a support forum.

Compatible with WPML

Ready for translation with WPML with which you can create multilingual websites.

Kallyas vs Divi conclusion

First of all, thank you for reading this Kallyas vs Divi comparison to the end. Both Kallyas and Divi are very nice themes to work with. Kallyas has the Zion-Builder with which I personally have a lot of good experience, but of course the DiviBuilder is of a different class. Both themes offer a lot of beautiful layouts that can be installed with 1-click. If you are looking for a theme for 1 single website, Kallyas is not a bad choice, especially if you are planning to build a shop. When we talk about multiple websites, you will need a separate Kallyas license for each of them. This quickly becomes very expensive. Divi is much cheaper in that case. And don't forget that a Divi membership gives you access to 86 premium themes, not just Divi.


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