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Convert Wordpress to HTML [2023] 💥

Convert Wordpress to HTML

Converting a WordPress site to static HTML pages is one way to increase speed and reduce security threats. This article will discuss why and how to convert WordPress sites from dynamic to static pages. It also explains the most common methods and the steps involved.



WordPress is a popular content management platform that can be set up easily and managed by non-technical users. It does however use a database system as well as other dynamic components which can slow down page loading times and expose it to security risks.

As a matter of fact this website was built with HTML. For me HTML works a lot faster then a CMS-system and also loads a lot faster. One just has to work very precise otherwise there will be errors all over the place.


We are going to use the Simply Static plugin for this. It has excelent ratings a lot of users. First follow these easy instructions:

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on the Plugins tab and locate it.
  • Type Simply static into the keyword search box and hit enter.
  • Simply Static can be installed and activated

Convert Wordpress to HTML Simply Static

With the plugin installed we go to "Simply Static > Settings". Here you can choose how to convert files. You will see three options for destination URLs and a selection of delivery methods.

Convert Wordpress to HTML Simply Static settings

Select Destination URL Options

Absolute URLs

Converting and creating HTML files for a different domain or URL is possible. This is where the URL to your static website will be added.

The destination URL to which the HTML content will be placed is specified. This could be a directory, subdomain or, in certain cases, the main domain URL.

Use the URL to replace WordPress on your main domain. However, this will not replace the WordPress files on your main domain. You may have to move them to another directory.

Relative URLs

This will convert your WP website into static HTML files. These files can be used in any website, regardless of its name. You can also include a path to your files if you don't want them to be in the root directory.

For offline use

This will enable you to convert WordPress into static URLs that you can save to your computer's hard drive or another storage media. This option allows you browse the site offline. I like selecting this delivery option the most. I can now download the files to my PC, and later uploud them to any server.

Select delivery method

Once you have chosen the Destination, click on the Delivery Method. You can choose from a Zip archive or Local Directory. Save the changes.

Generate your HTML files

Navigate to the Simply Static section, and click Generate. In the new window, click Generate static files. The conversion process starts. It will take several minutes depending on how large and complex your WordPress website is.

It displays a link to the compressed file once it is complete. You can either save it locally or extract it to the URL you wish to use. Or, you can browse offline using a local copy.

Convert Wordpress to HTML generate files

The files should be on your pc now. Next step is uploading them to the hosting for which url you have been generating the files for. This can be done with FTP which takes a lot of time or with Cpanel as compressed file which goes fast. In case you uploaded compressed files, of course extract them at the destination. I think screenshots are not necessary here as all these actions are pretty basic.

Of course check in your browser if all is working fine, and also all links are working.


This is just one more method of converting a Wordpress website in a static HTML one. HTTrack, an open-source tool, allows you to download a website in its entirety onto your PC. It also preserves the structure. It creates directories, images, HTML and other files as it downloads files. Additionally, it provides a structure that allows users to browse the site offline.

Convert Wordpress to HTML with HTTrack

You can give it a name so it is different from other websites you might download in the near future.

  • Select the Download web site(s) from the Action drop-down menu.
  • In the Web Address (URL), enter the URL of the WordPress site you wish to download. You can also click the Add URL option.

Convert Wordpress to HTML HTTrack action

Click "Next" and "Finish" to begin the conversion process.

Convert Wordpress to HTML HTTrack conversion

  • HTTrack's local site will use the WP permalink structure. It saves the majority of dynamically generated content, such as comments, recent posts, and related posts, as HTML.
  • After the process is completed, you can upload your entire website to a domain or subdomain and also access it offline from a local machine.

It saves each file separately so you can use a compression tool and put them into one ZIP or RAR archive that is easier for website download. To upload the zip file to the URL you desire for your HTML website, use Cpanel or an FTP client. Once you have uploaded the file, extract it to your preferred directory/URL.


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