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Best Page Builder with AI Text Generator on Board [2023] 💥

Best Page Builder with AI Text Generator on Board

The digital age has presented a myriad of advancements in website development, especially in the area of page builders. In the past, creating a visually appealing and functional website required extensive coding knowledge or hiring a professional web developer. But with the emergence of drag-and-drop page builders, even someone with minimal technical knowledge can craft an exquisite website. Still, as the expectations of site visitors have evolved, the need for high-quality and relevant content has never been more critical.


Imagine a scenario where a page builder doesn't just let you drag and drop elements, but also aids in generating content for you. Yes, content that is not just generic, but tailored to your website's context and audience. With this in mind, one might wonder if such a marvel exists in the world of website development. The answer is an enthusiastic yes, and it’s brought to you by none other than the Divi Theme.

Introducing Divi Theme and Divi AI

The Divi Theme is not just another page builder; it's a revolutionary tool that comes with an AI-powered assistant named Divi AI. This powerful AI tool is integrated directly into the Divi builder and has a unique insight into every Divi element present on your site.

One of the standout features of Divi AI is its capability to write content and generate images on demand. By providing the AI with context about your website and the specific page you’re working on, it can produce content that mirrors the proficiency of a seasoned writer combined with the flair of a digital artist.

Divi AI

Key Features of Divi AI

1. Auto-Generate Content with One Click

Whether you need text, images, or entire modules, Divi AI can create them in a jiffy. It recommends content based on an analysis of your existing website material, ensuring the new additions flow seamlessly with your established content.

2. Contextual Learning and Relevance

Divi AI is not just about automatic generation; it’s about relevance. By gaining context from your site and the specific content you're focusing on, the results it delivers are always on-brand and pertinent.

3. Say Goodbye to Generic Images

With a simple click, let Divi AI create images tailored to your needs. The AI understands the page context and crafts images that perfectly resonate with the surrounding content. And if you have an existing image you're fond of, but want to tweak its composition or style, Divi AI has your back.

4. Overcoming Writer's Block

Divi AI can suggest what to write next. Whenever you're uncertain about your next content topic, Divi AI evaluates your current content and provides innovative ideas to reignite your creativity.

5. Refining and Editing Made Easy

Not only can Divi AI produce content from scratch, but it can also enhance existing material, akin to a professional copy editor. From adjusting tone and clarity to experimenting with styles, refining your content to captivate your audience has never been this effortless.

6. Image Enhancement and Upscaling

Low-quality images can be a bane for website aesthetics. But with Divi AI, you can upscale such images to make them sharper and clearer. Even if you have images that appear too small, upscale them within the Visual Builder to make them stand out even on high-resolution displays.

Why Divi AI Stands Out

While there might be numerous AI tools out there, Divi AI stands apart due to its seamless integration with the Visual Builder. Any text generated is automatically applied to your page, and images are directly uploaded to the WordPress media library. The primary advantage of Divi AI is its understanding of Divi and its capability to learn from your site. This ensures the creation of content that is contextually more pertinent. Other tools falter in this regard as they lack access to your database or Divi's intricate code.

Final Thoughts

For anyone looking to elevate their website game, the Divi Review speaks volumes about its prowess. The combination of the Divi Theme with the DiviBuilder, especially with Divi AI on board, is a game-changer in the realm of website development. Say goodbye to generic content and embrace a future where your website truly reflects the essence of your brand, all with the power of AI.

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