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Astra vs Go Theme comparison [2024] 💥

Astra vs Go

ASTRA THEME (Astra vs Go)

Astra: Speed and performance combined...

Astra Theme Review

In this Astra Theme review for 2024, over 2.3 million users have chosen Astra for their websites. Why? Astra is crafted like a custom sports car, designed to create visually stunning and highly responsive online shops with fast loading speeds.

The Astra team didn't just release a theme; they launched a powerful tool for web design. Astra quickly became popular, much like a hit song. When it comes to speed, only GeneratePress comes close. But in overall features and performance, Astra truly shines.


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Website speed is crucial. Faster websites rank higher on Google, like climbing a digital Everest. Speed boosts user engagement, making visitors stay longer on your site, like a magnet drawing them in. In today's online world, speed is like a golden ticket to success.

Choosing Astra means you're opting for expert web speed optimization. Imagine your online store as a race car: the faster it runs, the smoother the checkout process. Astra is built not just for looks but for incredible speed, enhancing user experience significantly.

What's New in Astra 4.0?

Astra 4.0 release

The recent release of Astra 4.0 marks a big step forward in the world of WordPress themes. Check out the overview video above to quickly understand its new features. Then dive into this article for a detailed look. Astra has been a leader in the WordPress theme market, always improving and evolving to meet users' needs.

The new Astra 4.0 makes it even more valuable for any WordPress user. Whether you're an experienced developer or a beginner, Astra 4.0's mix of flexibility, power, and ease of use makes it a fantastic choice for building engaging, responsive websites.

Meet Spectra 2.0

Spectra 2.0 release in Astra

The addition of Spectra 2.0 to the Astra Theme enhances an already strong platform. Spectra 2.0, Astra's own page builder, brings more functionality and ease to creating websites. While it's free now, a paid version might come out in the future with even more advanced features.

Astra has always been a top theme, but its own page builder with various widgets takes it to new heights. This not only improves user experience but also makes Astra a complete solution for website building, whether you're new to it or have years of experience.

Astra's Popularity and Ratings

Astra theme review rating

Curious about how popular Astra is? Check out WordPress.org. Astra is highly acclaimed with many 5-star ratings. The free version is used by over a million websites, and with the Pro version, the number goes up to 1.6 million. This shows Astra's huge impact in the web design world.

Boost Your Webshop with Astra

Astra is your best friend for boosting online store sales. It goes beyond good looks to convert visitors into customers effectively. An online store using Astra is like a high-performance sports car among bicycles - it stands out with its superior speed. Want to see how Astra outperforms others? Visit this page on the Astra website for speed comparisons with over 50 other themes. These tests, conducted by SEO experts, highlight Astra's exceptional performance.

Astra Theme Review - fast charging shops

On the mentioned page, you'll find detailed info about combining Astra and WooCommerce. A fast-loading webshop is great for user experience and for Google's search rankings. With Astra, picture your store climbing Google's search results quickly. It's like giving your shop advanced tools for better search rankings, attracting more visitors and increasing their engagement and appreciation for your site.

Astra Theme Review Woo Webshops

With Astra, customizing your online shop is easy and user-friendly, no advanced tech skills needed. A few years ago, this might have seemed impossible, but today, Astra ensures seamless compatibility with many WooCommerce plugins. It handles these integrations expertly, like a skilled coordinator managing various components.

Astra comes with features to make your shop stand out. Key features include Infinite Scroll, adjustable grid settings, an off-canvas sidebar, Quickview, a dropdown cart, and more. Check out these features here. Plus, there's a range of ready-to-use shopping demo sites for one-click integration, making design super easy.

Astra Theme Review Woocommerce Demo Webshops

Astra's Starter Demos

One of Astra's standout features is its extensive collection of 180 complete website designs. These are full websites ready to go. It's like a treasure trove where everything is available for free. Choose a design, add your branding, and launch a professional website quickly. These demos, developed by Astra's expert team, are compatible with four different page builders, offering diverse design possibilities. Astra sets a high standard in providing varied demo content.

Astra Theme review starter templates

Astra's responsiveness goes beyond the standard. It's as if the theme underwent specialized training to excel in mobile e-commerce. The focus isn't just on aesthetics; there's a concerted effort to ensure the mobile version of your site is exceptionally user-friendly. With the increasing prevalence of mobile shopping, this feature becomes increasingly crucial. In the near future, it wouldn't be surprising to see over half of online shoppers using their mobile devices, possibly while relaxing at home.

Additionally, Astra offers extensive customization options for the checkout process, shopping cart, and product pages, all without the need for intricate coding skills. A seamless checkout experience is vital as a complicated one can deter customers quickly. Astra ensures a fluid and enjoyable shopping journey. The Astra team's approach to e-commerce solutions isn't just innovative; it's a complete reimagining of what's possible in online retail.

Astra's Impressive Loading Times

Upon examination, it becomes clear that Astra takes loading times seriously, achieving remarkably fast speeds. Its performance in Google, GTmetrix, Y-Slow, and Pingdom tests is consistently outstanding, as if the theme has been optimized with a unique speed-enhancing formula. The results speak for themselves, demonstrating Astra's superior performance. When it comes to competition, GeneratePress is the closest contender. The data presented below is telling – Astra regularly secures top rankings in speed tests, distinguishing itself significantly from slower-performing themes.

Astra Theme review loading time

Perfect Pairing with Page Builders

Astra works seamlessly with top page builders...

Using Astra is like having intuitive control over your website, offering both ease of use and enjoyment. It provides a streamlined panel and integration with the WordPress customizer for a seamless experience. Adding to its versatility, Astra pairs exceptionally well with renowned page builders, particularly Elementor. The combination of Astra Pro and Elementor Pro is a harmonious and efficient pairing, akin to two perfectly matched components. For those mindful of budget, both Astra and Elementor offer free versions. While these versions may have fewer features, they still provide a substantial and enjoyable user experience.

Elementor in Astra

Elementor pagebuilder review

Astra's Schema Markup

Have you ever wanted to effectively communicate the contents of your page to search engines? This is where Schema markup plays a crucial role. These structured data snippets act as guides, aiding search engines in comprehending the context and content of your pages. It's akin to providing a clearer, more direct understanding of your site's content to search engines like Google. Astra simplifies this process by automatically incorporating Schema markup into your pages, as detailed here. This feature acts like an unseen assistant within Astra, working diligently to enhance your website's visibility and performance in search results, playing a pivotal role in your SEO strategy.

Astra Theme Review Schema

Creating Courses with Astra and LearnDash

Envision yourself as a creator of online courses, with Astra and LearnDash serving as your essential tools. Developing an online course using Astra combined with LearnDash is a streamlined and enjoyable process, comparable to assembling a complex structure with ease. Astra offers a plethora of design options and features, enabling you to make your online course as captivating as a top-rated TV show.

LearnDash, on the other hand, acts as the orchestrator of your website's structure, focusing on creating an environment conducive to learning and conversion. The synergy of Astra's design flexibility and LearnDash's structured approach results in more than just a website – it's the creation of an immersive digital learning environment. Embrace this opportunity to craft an exceptional online course experience.

Astra Theme Review Learndash

Astra and LifterLMS: A Strong Partnership

When combining Astra with LifterLMS, you get a formidable pair in the world of online education. In this partnership, Astra excels as the design expert, offering you full control over your website's aesthetic and functionality. Whether you aim for the sophistication of a high-end magazine or the versatility of a multifunctional tool, Astra provides the necessary support.

Integrating LifterLMS into this equation enhances your site's educational efficacy. It creates a focused learning environment, minimizing distractions and optimizing user engagement. The synergy of LifterLMS's educational framework with Astra's design capabilities not only facilitates learning but also boosts conversion efficiency. Imagine a checkout process so seamless it feels like an extension of the learning journey itself. Together, Astra and LifterLMS elevate your website to the highest echelons of online learning platforms.

Astra Theme Review Lifter-LMS

Custom Headers, Footers, and 404 Pages

Introducing Astra Transparent Headers, Custom Header, and Custom Footers – the PRO features that provide a sophisticated edge to your website. These tools serve as your digital design experts, allowing you to create customized headers and footers with ease and without the need for technical expertise. Envision crafting your site's header and footer to be as elegant as a tuxedo or as casual as sneakers, achievable through simple clicks. Even the typically overlooked 404 pages can be enhanced for a cohesive look. Moreover, you have the flexibility to tailor these elements differently for various user groups, offering a bespoke experience. It's like having both creative control and strategic oversight over your website's upper and lower navigational areas.

Astra Theme review Headers Footers

Discover More Astra Features

Astra encompasses a wide range of features, and you can explore a comprehensive overview here. This extensive list showcases the breadth and depth of functionalities available in Astra. We recommend taking the time to review these features, as they collectively represent a significant array of tools and options that can enhance your website's capabilities.

Astra Theme Review more features

Final Thoughts on Astra

This concludes my comprehensive review of the Astra Theme. For those who have followed through to this point, I extend my appreciation. It's clear that Astra is not just another option among many in the world of web design; it stands out distinctively. The Astra PRO version, in particular, offers enhanced capabilities compared to the free version, akin to the difference between gourmet and fast-food offerings. Personally, I favor the combination of Astra and Elementor, which allows for sophisticated and seamless web design. Astra is on par with the Divi Theme, known for its versatility and readiness to tackle various challenges. As for shortcomings in Astra? They are as rare as finding a needle in a well-organized, vast haystack.

one of their bundle packages, which frequently come with significant discounts, making them ideal for businesses striving for excellence in web design. Astra's policy of unlimited use, whether for a single website or multiple projects, underscores its commitment to providing exceptional value. If Astra were personified as a superhero, it would indeed be celebrated for its 'Value for Money'. Moreover, the lifetime deals present an opportunity akin to uncovering hidden treasure, offering long-term benefits and savings.

Visit Astra theme

GO THEME (Go vs Astra)

Go Theme review

The Go Theme only has a free version available through WordPress.org. As a result, this review is somewhat smaller than that of themes that also have a pro version. This does not alter the fact that this theme is very good. It has 80,000+ active installs right now. The Go Theme was developed by GoDaddy, the world-famous hosting company. The theme comes together with the CoBlocks plugin, also from GoDaddy. The theme has unique properties that other themes do not have.

Go Theme Ratings

Go theme review rating

For starters, remember that Go has only been available to download from WordPress.org since January 2020. If we check the Go Theme's rating on WordPress.org, it's 4.7 out of 5, which is an excellent rating. The Go Theme has been installed on more than 80,000 websites, which also gives a good impression of how much people like to work with this theme.

Go Theme Demos

Go Theme Demos

Like most good WordPress themes nowadays, the Go Theme has ready-made demo websites that can be installed with one click. The Go Theme currently offers about 15 demos. For Go + CoBlocks, these include Alder, Ashby, Barista, Bento, Everett, Figure, Keynote, and Salt. The nice thing about demos is that you can make a quick start with them. The website is essentially ready, just needing your photos and texts. So, place your logo, adjust the texts and photos, and you're well on your way to having your own site.

Go Theme for Webshops

With the Go Theme, integrating the popular WooCommerce plugin is straightforward, and the theme is fully prepared for it. There are also a number of stylish minimalistic demos for webshops. On their site, you will find these under Go + CoBlocks + WooCommerce called Avenue, Chai, Jane, Philo, and Wares. The webshops built with this theme have a professional appearance.

Go Theme for Webshops

Go Theme Speed

Go Theme Speed Tests

Since Google rewards fast-loading websites with better search rankings, themes ensure they perform well in speed tests. The Go Theme does exceptionally well in this regard. The images above show that the Go Theme, combined with a cache plugin, performs excellently in all tests, showcasing top loading times.

Go Theme Customizer

Go Theme Customizer

The Go Theme comes standard with the Gutenberg page builder and adds the CoBlocks plugin, which greatly enhances functionality. This is why I don't think it's necessary to use a third-party page builder. If you prefer a top page builder, consider the Divi Theme, although it's not free. The extensive settings for the Go Theme can be found in the Customizer.

CoBlocks Integration

CoBlocks Integration

CoBlocks is a plugin that currently offers 31 blocks, along with rows and columns, making Gutenberg function like a traditional page builder. The image above shows that CoBlocks is installed on many more websites (500k+) than the Go Theme, and is used in many other themes as well. This is a top plugin.

Go Theme Conclusion

The Go Theme is a very good free theme. It offers many demos without charging anything, whereas most themes only provide this in their pro versions. The use of the CoBlocks plugin is also very practical, although I personally prefer a good page builder. The Go Theme is sufficient for most people to build a decent website and is easy to work with. If you want to spend some money for a top-tier theme, you can choose from the best themes available.

Astra vs Go: Final Verdict

First of all, thank you for reading this Go vs Astra comparison to the end. Both themes have a lot to offer, but Astra is in a class of its own. It beats Go on all fronts, even in the free version, let alone the pro version. You can use Astra Pro on as many sites as you want, and it costs less than other themes of lesser quality. My choice is clear: Astra Theme.

Rating Features with Stars ⭐

Feature Astra Go
Page Builder ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Speed ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐
SEO Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐
Customization ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐
WooCommerce Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Mobile Friendliness ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐
Design Options ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ease of Use ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Value for Money ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐


1. Which theme is better for e-commerce?

Both Astra and Go are great for e-commerce. Astra offers faster loading times and more customization options, while Go provides unique features with CoBlocks integration.

2. Is Astra really faster than Go?

Yes, Astra typically has faster loading times compared to Go, especially with its optimized code and speed-focused features.

3. Can I use Elementor with Go?

No, Go is designed to work primarily with the Gutenberg editor and CoBlocks plugin. If you prefer Elementor, Astra is the better choice.

4. Which theme offers better SEO features?

Both themes offer strong SEO features, but Astra includes built-in schema markup which can provide an edge in search engine visibility.

5. What are the pricing options for these themes?

Astra Pro costs $59 per year and can be used on unlimited sites. Go is available for free on WordPress.org, but it lacks some of the advanced features found in Astra Pro.


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