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Elementor vs Astra (Elementor + Hello) [2023] 💥

Astra vs Elementor

ASTRA THEME (Elementor vs Astra)

WP-Astra is the fastest Wordpress theme ever made...

Astra Theme Review

In the grand arena of this Astra Theme review for [2023], let me drop a fun fact: 2,369,964+ folks have handed over the keys to their website kingdom to Astra. Why, you ask? Well, Astra wasn’t just built; it was crafted like a custom sports car, designed to create stunning shops that load faster than a cheetah on a caffeine rush.

The Astra squad didn’t just launch a theme; they unleashed a web design titan that’s climbing the popularity charts like a hit summer song. And when it comes to speed, the only theme that even comes close to giving Astra a run for its money is Generatepress. But let's be real, in the grand scheme of theme awesomeness, Astra is like the cool, mysterious hero in a blockbuster movie – hard to beat on any front.


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Here's the scoop: the faster your website, the higher it climbs in Google's good books, kind of like a digital Mount Everest. Fast websites are like magnets – they keep visitors sticking around longer, and who doesn't love a bit of extra attention? Speed in the online world today is as precious as a golden ticket in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

And with Astra? You're in the hands of web speed gurus. Think of web shops as race cars; the faster they are, the more customers they zoom past the checkout. So, let's buckle up and zoom in on Astra – it's engineered to build not just beautiful, but super-duper fast charging shops. It's like strapping a rocket to your website!


Astra theme review rating

Curious about how Astra fares in the popularity contest? A quick peek at Wordpress.org reveals that Astra's like the homecoming king of themes – nearly everyone's thrown a 5-star parade for it, except for a few party poopers. And get this – the image above is no joke; the free version of Astra alone has been scooped up by over a million websites. Add in the Pro version, and we're talking a whopping 1.6 million! It's like Astra is throwing its own rock concert, and everyone's scrambling for front-row tickets.


Think of Astra as the ultimate sales wingman for your shop. It's not just about looking good; it's about turning those casual browsers into eager buyers. A shop decked out in Astra is like a sports car in a world of bicycles – way faster than any other theme out there. Curious about how Astra leaves other themes in the dust? Check out this page on the Astra website, where they show off their speed tests against 50 other top themes. Spoiler alert: it's like watching a superhero race against mere mortals, all conducted by SEO-experts with lab coats and clipboards.

Astra Theme Review - fast charging shops

On that page I just mentioned, you'll find the scoop on Astra + Woocommerce. It turns out a fast-loading webshop isn't just a treat for your visitors; it's like catnip for Google too. Imagine your webshop sprinting up Google's SERP like it's on an energy drink binge – that's what Astra does for you. It's like giving your shop a jetpack for the search rankings, attracting extra visitors as if you're throwing the biggest online party. The result? Your visitor numbers and their love for your site skyrocket like fireworks on New Year's Eve.

Astra Theme Review Woo Webshops

Step right up to the world of Astra, where styling your shop is as easy as pie – and no tech degree required! A few years back, this would've been as believable as a unicorn riding a bicycle. But now? You can install all the Woocommerce plugins you can dream of without breaking a sweat about compatibility. It's like Astra is the cool, unflappable bouncer at the club of plugins.

And that's just for starters. Astra's packed with modern shop features that turn your webshop into the online equivalent of a blockbuster hit. We're talking Infinite Scroll (so your customers keep shopping like there's no tomorrow), Adaptable grid settings (like having a personal stylist for your products), Off-canvas sidebar (sneaky and stylish), Quickview (for the impatient shopper), Dropdown cart (because who doesn't love surprises), and so much more. Curious? Take a peek here. Plus, check out the parade of shopping demo sites below. You can magically whisk them into your site with just one click – it’s like having a fairy godmother for your webshop!

Astra Theme Review Woocommerce Demo Webshops


Ready for a jaw-dropping fact? Astra isn't just handing out templates; they're dishing out a whopping 180 complete websites. Yep, you heard that right – not just a page here or a section there, but full-fledged websites ready to be snatched up. It's like walking into a store where every item is free! Just grab one, slap on your own house style, and voilà – you're the proud owner of a shiny new website. These demos, crafted by Astra's wizard-like programmers for four different page builders, are like a buffet of web design goodness. Trust me, you'll be hard-pressed to find a theme with more lavish demo options. It's like Astra is the Santa Claus of website templates!

Astra Theme review starter templates

And let me just add, Astra's not just responsive – it's like the theme went to finishing school for mobile webshops. Special attention? More like the red-carpet treatment to ensure your mobile site is not just good-looking but also as user-friendly as your favorite easy chair. Considering that mobile device sales are skyrocketing faster than a superhero, this is pretty much a big deal. Next year, don't be surprised if over 50% of shoppers are browsing on their phones, probably while lounging on their sofas!

Oh, and here’s the cherry on top: you can tweak the entire checkout process, shopping cart, and product pages to your heart’s content, no HTML or tech wizardry needed. Because let's face it, a clunky checkout page can scare off customers faster than a horror movie. With Astra, it's all smooth sailing – or shopping, in this case. The Astra team didn’t just think outside the box for E-commerce; they practically reinvented the box!


If you take a peek below, you'll see that Astra isn't just playing around when it comes to loading times – it's seriously fast. It's like Astra took a speed potion before stepping into the ring of Google, GtMetrix, Y-Slow, and Pingdom tests. The results? Phenomenal, every single time. It's like Astra has a secret speed-boosting recipe. And if you're wondering about competition, the only theme nipping at its heels is Generatepress. The image below doesn't lie; it's like looking at a scorecard where Astra consistently hits the top marks. It's a speedster in a world of leisurely strollers.

Astra Theme review loading time


Astra works as a whole with the Elementor page builder...

Operating Astra is like having a remote control for your website – easy and fun. You can use its own sleek panel or the Wordpress customizer. But wait, there’s more! Astra is also BFFs with an elite pagebuilder. My top pick? Elementor. This dynamic duo – Astra Pro and Elementor Pro – work together like peanut butter and jelly. They're so in sync, you’d think they were long-lost twins reunited. And if you’re watching your wallet, no sweat! Astra and Elementor both offer free versions. Sure, they're like the lite version of a hit video game – fewer features, but still loads of fun.

Elementor in Astra

Elementor pagebuilder review


Ever wish you could whisper in Google's ear to tell it exactly what's on your page? Well, that's where Schema comes in. These little snippets of info are like cheat codes for search engines, helping them understand your page's content. It's like giving Google a pair of X-ray glasses to see right into your site. And the best part? Astra's got your back, automatically adding this Schema magic to your pages, as they point out here. It's like having a little elf inside Astra doing the hard work for you, ensuring your website shines in search results. Talk about a behind-the-scenes superhero!

Astra Theme Review Schema


Imagine you're a chef whipping up an online course – Astra and LearnDash are your gourmet ingredients. Designing and creating a website for your online course with Astra + LearnDash is like playing with Lego blocks – easy, fun, and the possibilities are endless. Astra brings to the table a smorgasbord of design options and features, making your online course as engaging as a binge-worthy TV series.

And LearnDash? It's like the director of your website, ensuring everything is distraction-free and conversion-focused. When you mix Astra's creativity with LearnDash's precision, you're not just building a website; you're crafting a digital learning paradise. So, put on your digital chef's hat and start cooking up your next online class masterpiece!

Astra Theme Review Learndash


Think of Astra + LifterLMS as the dynamic duo of online learning. It's like having a superhero team where Astra is the master of design and LifterLMS is the guru of education. With Astra, you're the captain of your website's ship, steering the design wherever you fancy. Want a website that's as stylish as a fashion magazine and as functional as a Swiss army knife? Astra's got your back.

Now, mix in LifterLMS, and you've got a learning environment that keeps distractions at bay like a bouncer at an exclusive club. It’s all about focusing on learning and turning your website into a conversion magnet. Imagine a checkout page so slick, it practically hands out diplomas itself. That's the power of Astra + LifterLMS – transforming your website into the Ivy League of online courses!

Astra Theme Review Lifter-LMS


Ready to jazz up your website's top hat and shoes? Enter Astra Transparent Headers, Astra Custom Header, and Astra Custom Footers. These PRO features are like having a fashion designer for your website – no tech know-how needed! Imagine tailoring your header and footer to look as snazzy as a tuxedo or as cool as sneakers, all with a few clicks. And those pesky 404 pages? You can dress them up too! Plus, you can roll out the red carpet differently for various user groups, offering VIP headers to some and casual ones to others. It's like being the bouncer and the party planner for your website's header and footer club!

Astra Theme review Headers Footers


Astra has so much more to offer, here you will find a wonderful overview with all the features that are available. sit in Astra. Sit down for it because it's a huge laundry list.

Astra Theme Review more features


And there you have it, the grand finale of my Astra Theme review. If you've stuck with me till the end, hats off to you! Now, let's be real – Astra isn't just another theme in the sea of digital designs; it's like the unicorn of themes, prancing high above the rest. Of course, I'm talking about the Astra PRO version – the free version is great, but it's like comparing a gourmet burger to a fast-food one. Me? I'm an Astra-and-Elementor kind of guy, weaving web design magic like a pro. It's right up there with the Divi Theme, which is like the Swiss Army knife of themes – ready for anything, anytime. And weaknesses? In Astra? As likely as finding a needle in a haystack… a very large, very tidy haystack.


At just 59 bucks a year, Astra's a steal. Picture this: unlimited sites, one tiny price tag. It's like getting an all-you-can-eat buffet for the price of a snack. Other themes? They're like overpriced cafes charging per site. Got some extra cash jingling in your pocket? Turbocharge your Astra experience with one of their bundle packages, usually served with a side of hefty discounts. Perfect for businesses aiming for the web design stars. And here's the kicker: whether you're a one-site wonder or a hundred-site Hercules, Astra's unlimited use policy has got you covered. If Astra was a superhero, it would be wearing a cape marked 'Value for Money'. And those lifetime deals? They're like finding a treasure chest in your backyard!

Visit Astra theme

ELEMENTOR + HELLO (Elementor vs Astra)

Elementor is now more than just one of the best page builders...

Elementor review

Ever played with LEGOs? That's pretty much what it's like using Elementor page builder - except you won't step on any pieces! It's like the Swiss Army knife of page builders, fitting into any theme like a charm. And guess what? Elementor has its own theme buddy, The Hello theme, which is as free as your grandma's love!

With over 300 ready-made demos, it's like having a party where all your favorite themes are invited. Who needs other themes when you've got Elementor? It's like saying you need another pizza topping when you've already got pepperoni. The Hello theme is like that one friend who always has your back - reliable, sturdy, and doesn't ask for much.

Imagine a superhero that swoops in to save your website design - that's Elementor for you! Fresh out of the web oven in 2016, and already it's like the popular kid in school, hanging out on over 8 million sites. Elementor isn't just any page builder; it's like the secret sauce that makes your web design as easy as making instant noodles – quick, easy, and surprisingly good!


Ready for a sneak peek? Check out the clip below. It's like watching a cooking show, but for websites. You'll get a glimpse of the magic behind the curtain, showing you how to whip up a web masterpiece with Elementor. For the full magical recipe, click here and dive into the world of Elementor's Editor.

Elementor pagebuilder review


Elementor review Navigator

Ever wished for a genie in your worksheet? Meet the brand new tool that's like your personal design assistant! It's versatile - dock it on the right or let it float like a happy little cloud in your worksheet. Just give any element or block a right-click and say 'Abracadabra'... Okay, just select "Navigator" to open it. This nifty Navigator turns work into play and speeds things up like a sports car on the autobahn. Intrigued? Watch this video for a magic show about the Navigator.


Elementor review save work

Who enjoys repeating the same task more than watching paint dry? Not many! Elementor is like a time-travel machine for your work. Save your work blocks, and poof! Reuse them on other pages, posts, or even teleport them to other websites. It's like having a "copy-paste" superpower for web design. This means you can say goodbye to the old-school, time-consuming methods. Want a sneak peek? The animation below is like a mini trailer of this awesome feature!


Elementor demo-designs

Like its cool cousin Divi, Elementor boasts a wardrobe of over 200+ layouts for every niche under the sun. Corporate, web shops, hotels, gyms, cafes, fashion, hosting, photography, architecture, lifestyle, travel - you name it! Plus, there's a squad of third-party designers crafting gorgeous layouts for Elementor, giving you even more options. Opting for these may add a little to your tab, but hey, who doesn't love a bit of extra sparkle? Check out the entire layout library here and get ready to be dazzled.


Elementor Woocommerce Builder

Elementor is like the fairy godmother for webshops, turning your site into a Cinderella story. Just like most top-notch themes, it's perfect for dolling up your online store. Imagine creating chic product pages and stylish category pages for Woocommerce, all without needing to be a wizard in HTML.

Yep, those days of needing coding spells are long gone! You're probably familiar with Woocommerce, the most popular shopping cart charm for Wordpress. Get ready to be wowed and check out this video for a magic carpet ride through the world of Woocommerce Builder with Elementor. Watch here for more enchanting details.


revisions editor

Elementor, like a tech-savvy superhero, wasn't too thrilled with the standard-issue revision editor in Wordpress. So, what did it do? It rolled up its digital sleeves and whipped up its own souped-up version. And let's be honest, the default Wordpress editor for revisions was as fun as watching paint dry – not cool when you needed to roll back changes.

It's not alone in this quest for greatness, as both Divi and Thrive are also packing this tool. Curious to see Elementor's Revisions Editor in action? Watch this video and dive into the world of smoother, smarter revisions!


Elementor Mobile editing

Elementor's like a tech-chameleon, seamlessly adapting to mobile, tablet, and desktop. As seen in the wizardry above, it's got "out-of-the-box" responsiveness, but here's the kicker – you get to tweak and tailor specifically for each device! It's like having a magic wand to perfect your site's look on any gadget.

And sure, this might be a common trick among top themes and page builders, but it's always cool to have that extra control in your toolbox. Fancy seeing this magic in motion? Watch this video to dive into the realm of Elementor's Mobile Editing – it's like having a mini tech genie at your fingertips!


Elementor color combinations

In our Elementor review, we're tipping our hats off to its color editor for texts, which is like a mini Photoshop tucked inside your website. Elementor brags about its "pixel perfect design," and honestly, they have every right to. It's like having a rainbow at your fingertips – every color imaginable, plus the power to create mesmerizing gradients.

It's like being a digital artist without the mess of paint! Ready to add some color to your site? Watch this video and get the lowdown on Elementor's Color Picker – it's like the digital version of a paint palette!


Elementor header footer design

Elementor gives you the keys to the kingdom when it comes to headers and footers – total control, just like a web design royalty! Sure, all the elite page builders have this feature, but it's like having a secret weapon in your theme arsenal. Imagine crafting headers and footers that are the crown jewels of your site. Want to see how it's done? Watch this video for a royal tour of Elementor's Header-Footer Builder – it's like being the architect of your own digital castle!


Elementor basic elements


Elementor pro elements


Elementor theme elements

Think of Elementor's elements as the building blocks of your web page castle, and boy, does Elementor bring a whole toy box full of them! It's like they've thought of everything, leaving no stone unturned. And here's a fun surprise – Elementor comes with its own pop-ups, stylish and user-friendly, so you can bid farewell to your old pop-up plugin.

It's yesterday's news! You won't need it anymore. Curious about the full array of tricks? Check out this link for a grand tour of all 90+ Elementor Widgets – it's like a theme park for web designers!


Elementor Pop-Ups

Elementor's pop-ups are not just beautiful, they're like a piece of cake to set up – a delightful tool indeed. In the world of top page builders, it's like they're all peeking into each other's notebooks, copying the best notes. These pop-ups are the MVPs for your call-to-action and conversion plays. Ready to add some zing to your site? Check out this link for everything you need to know about Elementor's pop-ups – it's like unlocking a secret weapon for your website's engagement!


Elementor pricing

Curious about the price tag for this web design magician called Elementor? Peek at the image above for the grand reveal. When it comes to value for money, Elementor is like finding a designer gown at thrift store prices – it's worth triple what you pay, especially when you stack it up against premium themes that ask for more but give you less. It's like getting a five-star meal at a fast-food price! Intrigued? Hop over to the pricing page and keep your eyes peeled for discounts. It's like a treasure hunt for deals!


Elementor Academy

Got a few lingering questions about Elementor? Don't fret! You might just find the answers you seek in the super-organized, almost magical Elementor Academy. It's like the Hogwarts for web design, brimming with wisdom and answers to all your Elementor mysteries!

Elementor vs Astra conclusion

First of all, thank you for reading this Elementor vs Astra comparison to the end. Here we compare the best vs the best because these two systems compete high in the top in the world of building websites. Let me put it this way, we shouldn't really put them together, because the very best combination for creating websites is Astra Pro + Elementor Pro. We can put this combination in line with Divi Theme + Divibuilder.

Together, these 2 combinations are lonely at the top, although Divi is just 1 product which entails theme and page builder. The builders of Divi are so great that they were able to build an equally great page builder as Elementor and also developed the best theme in the world, striking. That's why, both Elementor Pro, Divi and Astra sell continuously. Regarding Elementor's hello Theme: it is good and very fast but very sober and cannot be compared with Astra Pro of course.


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